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SHORTS 1 - Thursday, September 28:       5pm

Casual Vignettes of Gilded Vulgarity

CVGV_14 - Noho.png

Comedy / USA / 12 min.


Casual Vignettes of Gilded Vulgarity is an allegorical account told through a series of vignettes that connect the origin of American systemic and structural racism to its contemporary manifestations.


Director: Paul Kaiser

Producers: Joanna Fang, John Charter

Writer: Paul Kaiser


Cast: Carrie Bernans, Granville Ames, Dominic Hoffman, Dashiell Connery, Jenya Chaplin, Tony Braunagel, Charan Andreas, Gerard Marzilli, Avery Norris, Hollis Sherman-Pepe, Christopher Callen, Jeff Payton, Logan Sparks, Drew Hinckley

Just Ghost Me


Comedy/USA/7 min.


Based on a true story, Just Ghost Me is a metafiction recreation of a humorously failed relationship performed by the original writer of the article.


Director: Jeff Mizushima

Producers: Danielle Radin, Jeff Mizushima

Writer: Jeff Mizushima, Danielle Radin


Cast: Danielle Radin, Jessica Barker, Reid Schmidt

A Mind Cannot Touch


Sci-fi Drama / USA / 15 min.


A grieving mother brings her daughter back from the dead as a hologram.


Director: Geoffrey Prather

Producers: Geoffrey Prather, Clare O’Connor, Michael Carrier, Eric Toms

Writer: Geoffrey Prather


Cast: Paget Kagy, Love Carrier, David Stanbra

Lucy's Last Song

LLS pic1 Robert Craighead (1).jpg

Drama / USA / 21 min.


Lucy’s Last Song is the story of a woman reconnecting with her estranged father after many years apart. As the night unfolds their wounds are exposed and dirty laundry aired.
However, family bonds are strong, perhaps strong enough to weather the storm of life.
A mix of drama and the supernatural set to an original music soundtrack, Lucy’s Last Song.


Director: Raul Rosco Guerrero

Producers: Robert Craighead

Writer: Raul Rosco Guerrero


Cast: Brea Bee, Robert Craighead


Photo Jun 08 2023, 11 50 26 AM.jpg

Experimental / USA / 11 min.


A woman with a traumatic past supported by her husband's deep love, discovers the depth of her resilience and finds her inner strength during a difficult moment. Inspired by real life events, Resilient is a transformational piece of art told through narrative and dance.


Director: Claire Chubbuck

Producers: Simin Vaswani, Harish Vaswani

Writer: Simin Vaswani


Cast: Simin Vaswani, Harish Vaswani

Veil of Darkness

Screengrab 1.jpg

Horror / USA / 18 min.

New York - the aftermath of a nuclear accident. Kate and her friends struggle to fulfill their American Dream. Working so many hours has its downside, particularly the side effects of a certain OTC drug. Is the American Dream worth it?

Director:          Mark Mandia

Producer:         Steve Whelan

Writers:            Mark Mandia; Joy Bowman

Cast:                Miya Horcher, Kate Blaze, Mark Mandia, Miles Cooper, Angela Lieb, Sean Alexander James, Dev Terry


SHORTS 2 - Thursday, September 28:       5:15pm

The Astronaut

Astro Awe copy.jpg

Fantasy/Sci-fi / USA / 5 min.

7-year old, Aura, uses her vivid imagination and dream of becoming an astronaut to transcend
the polluted city she lives in.


Director: Damian Apunte
Producers: Taius Greenidge, Erika Martinez
Writer: Damian Apunte


Cast: Nora Harriet, Ofelia Rivera

Escape the Room

still 2.png

Drama / USA / 4 min.


It’s the end of a relationship inside of an Escape Room.


Director: Jenny Panush

Producers: Nichole Luna

Writer: Jenny Panush


Cast: Amber Riat, Amanda Charney

Sweet Rose


Comedy / USA / 18 min.


A woman goes on an absinthe-induced dream lead by the ghost of Charlie Chaplin to find her future love in 1920.


Director: Gustavo Sampaio

Producers: Marisa Hood, Gustavo Sampaio

Writer: Gustavo Sampaio

Cast: Marisa Hood, Julie Schmid, Paris Dylan

Back Home

Back Home - Screengrab 1.png

Drama/USA/15 min.


After the unexpected death of their father, two estranged brothers must decide who bears the responsibility of caring for their sick mother.


Director: Bailey Castle

Producers: David Cameli, Bailey Castle, Jules Quaas

Writers: David Cameli, Jeremy Schaye


Cast: David Cameli, Jeremy Schaye

Baby Gay

Baby Gay_Still 3.png

Comedy / USA / 9 min.

When a closeted 30-year-old gets dumped by his first “boyfriend” for not being gay enough, he journeys to master his gayness with the help of an outdated self-help book, until confronted by the straight life he left behind.

Director: Megan Chumbley
Producers: PJ Brescia, Vanessa Leigh, Fabrizio Alliata , Megan Chumbley, Tom Gault
Writers: PJ Brescia, Vanessa Leigh


Cast: PJ Brescia, Quincy Cho, Casey James


Canned 2.png

Comedy / USA / 30 min.


An unhinged vocal coach and his dysfunctional staff struggle to keep the dying art of canned laughter alive.


Director: Steve Melone

Producers: Justin Guerrieri, Steve Melone, Michael DiGioia, Anthony Echo

Writers: Steve Melone & Anthony Echo


Cast: Phil Casale, Sophia Lucia Parola, Brandon Patterson, Joe Harkins


FEATURE - Thursday, September 28:       7pm


An Egypt Affair

Thriller-Romance / USA / 83 min.


A rejected husband.  A beautiful stranger in peril.  A dangerous liaison.  For two couples enjoying a spectacular Egyptian adventure, treachery and deception cruise the Nile along with them.


Director:  Marlin Darrah

Producers:  Marlin Darrah, Lin Zuo, Nick Dreselly Thomas

Writer:  Will Patching & Eric Weinstock


Cast:  Yolanthe Cabau, Jarred Harper, Nick Dreselly Thomas, Massi Furlan, Stacy Marie Williams, Alfonso DiLuca, Lesley Grant


FEATURE - Thursday, September 28:       7:15pm

In My Skin

In My Skin Still 1.png

Cathartic Realism Drama / USA / 7 min.
When a girl with Body Dysmorphia meets her other half, she learns what it means to be a

Director: Claire Chubbuck
Producers: Marc MacNeal, Claire Chubbuck, Sofia D’Marco
Writer: Sofia D’Marco

Cast: Sofia D’Marco, Royah Beheshti, Ohad Bitton

Happy For You


Drama, Thriller / USA / 11 min.


After a friend cheats him out of a job promotion, Alan struggles with the urge for revenge.


Director: Scott Talbot

Producers: Scott Talbot, Tommy Koponen, Dominic Koponen

Writer: Scott Talbot


Cast: Sebastian Gregory, Samuel Dunning, and Nandi Sharma

A Summer Night_POSTER_HiRes_Final copy.jpg

A Summer Night

Drama / USA / 67 min.


An exotic dancer & recovering alcoholic races against time to raise money for her mother's experimental cancer treatment over the course of one night.


Director: Oscar Torre

Producers: Chuti Tiu, Oscar Torre

Writer: Oscar Torre


Cast: Chuti Tiu, Roberto Sanchez, Doug Tompos


FEATURE - Thursday, September 28:      9pm


Road to Terzetto

Drama/crime /USA/ 96 min.


Three brothers that never met are getting an inheritance from their estranged father. On the journey to the inheritance, things aren’t always what they seem. 


SHORTS 3 - Thursday September 28:      9:15pm

Pipe Dream

Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 3.19.45 PM.jpg

Horror / USA / 5 min.


A young man discovers an alternate reality through the other side of a drain pipe. Through this he must confront himself before its too late.


Director: Mark Grabianowski

Producers: Mark Grabianowski

Writer: Mark Grabianowski


Cast: Reid Schmidt, Leanne Smith


Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 10.07.43 AM.png

Drama/USA/11 min.


Iris, a recently sober alcoholic, is due in court tomorrow: rested and prepared. Unable to fall asleep, she battles the voices in her head and her own desire for a drink as the night stretches on, seemingly without end.


Director: Micah Stathis

Producers: Micah Stathis, Clare Louise Frost

Writer: Micah Stathis


Cast: Clare Louise Frost, Alastair Boag, Amory Walsh



Two best friends head to an Airbnb on a remote ranch to take a break from their recent tensions. Their troubled relationship makes them ignore unusual occurrences in the house, leading them to fight for their lives against the charming ranch owner and his late wife who tries to save them from her own fate.

He Sleeps No More


Horror, Comedy / USA / 5 min.


When an infamous slasher from the 1980’s awakens from a coma, a new generation just ain’t ready…


Director: Jay DeLuna

Producers: Dave Behar, Jay DeLuna

Writer: Jay DeLuna


Cast: Dave Behar, Ethan Marten, Allison Joyce, Tony Grizzel

You're It

IMG_0768 Megan Henry[]Jonathan Heap.jpg

Suspense-Horror / USA / 9 min 5 seconds


A woman, worried about her missing boyfriend goes to his house and finds herself trapped by a mysterious entity.


Director: Jonathan Heap

Producers: Bill Weikart, David Benullo, Megan Henry, Jonathan Heap

Writer: Jonathan Heap


Cast: Megan Henry, Jonathan Heap



Horror/Comedy / USA / 3 min.


A woman is unknowingly forced to exercise her demons.


Director: Garrett Johnson

Writer: Garrett Johnson


Cast: Scarlett Redmond, Chester Cheeseman

The Woman in the Darkness

Screengrab 2 Tanxuan Shi.jpg

Drama / USA & China / 9 min.


Carmen, a charming dancer, comes into a mysterious dark space. There’s only a dancing floor, a candle, and a picture of her deceased husband. The candle lights up, the music starts to play... With her solo dancing, a secret which had been deeply buried in her heart begins to unfold. In the midst of the darkest night, how will she break free from the chains of darkness?


Director: Lan Chi Chien

General Executive Producer: Tanxuan Shi

Producers: Sherry Liu

Writer: Sherry Liu, Lan Chi Chien


Cast: Sherry Liu, Patrick Hambrick

Good Times / Bad Times

Tea time.png

Thriller/ USA / 3 minutes


A sweet pixie dream girl decorates her living room wall with pictures of the best moments of her life…but what is that strange, muffled noise coming from the inside of her closet?


Director: Laura Medeiros

Writer: Laura Medeiros

Producer: Laura Medeiros


Cast: Ofir Sofer; Leandro Stephan


Screenshot 1.png

Horror Drama / USA / 30 min.

A young woman experiences dissociative “blank-out” moments. As they grow more frequent, they threaten her relationship and her life.

Director: Avishai Weinberger
Producer: Emmet Dotan
Writers: Avishai Weinberger & Tova Umetuka


Cast: Tova Umetuka, Nayib Felix, Quentin Thomson

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