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SHORTS 4 - Friday, September 29:       3pm

Dark Cell

DarkCell_Screengrab 02.jpg

Science-Fiction / FRANCE / 25 min.


In a space prison, two inmates are startled by the sudden intrusion of armed, terrified guards, warning of an infestation of monstrous creatures. The proposed escape to Earth via their cell is thwarted by a capacity limit of two passengers, prompting a dire survival dilemma. As time dwindles, they must choose who will live.


Director: Jean-Michel TARI

Producer: Jean-Michel TARI

Writer: Jean-Michel TARI





Sci-fi / Korea, Republic of / 10 min


Flawlessly beautiful sentences created by Athena, an AI writer become a death sentence for tenacious human writers, Bryan, Edward, and Alice.


Director: Seungmin Cho

Producers: Seungmin Cho, Eunae Park

Writer: Seungmin Cho


Cast: Yeongpyo Kim, John D. Michaels, Lenina Karlsson, Amy Aleha



Psychological Drama, Thriller / USA / 8 min.


A troubled nonbinary teen fights for their life when a manipulative self-help guru traps them and other campers in an unsettling mind game.


Director: Faye Viviana

Producers: Faye Viviana, Jeffrey Sun, Olabisi Kovabel

Writer: Olabisi Kovabel


Cast: Olabisi Kovabel, Sean Topps


Liz Aubrey and Isaac.tif

Dramedy / USA / 23 min.


Liz is at an all-time low; she’s confused about her future with her husband Brendan, and the baby they’re expecting. Letting cold feet get the best of her, she’s falling back into irresponsible habits, starting by moving in with her best friend Aubrey…and away from her normal life.

While packing, Liz and Aubrey discover a box labeled “Owen” (Liz’s deceased older brother). In it, they find an audio-guided bucket list that was made for his friends to complete…but 15 years ago. Liz and Aubrey recruit their friend Isaac to complete the initial challenges, which were clearly created for 20-somethings rather than tired adults in the middle of their own personal crises.

Whisked away on this adventure, they rediscover their love for each other, address their unhealthy coping mechanisms since Owen’s death, and honor the final wishes of their long-lost friend.


Director: Mitch Yapko

Producers: Lauren Leon, Frank A. Leon, Mitch Yapko, Jillian Sandler

Writer: Lauren Leon, Frank A. Leon


Cast: Lauren Leon, Emily Bolcik, Jose Duran, Jon Chaffin, Zackry Colston, Suanne Spoke, Michael Lanning

Where Do They Go?

NoHo CineFest 2023_Horizontal.jpg

Seattle's controversial RV homeless sweeps have been a source of contention among advocates, residents, and city officials alike. By forcibly removing vehicle residents from their makeshift mobile homes, these sweeps not only displace vulnerable individuals but also often leave them with no alternative shelter. This policy, aimed at addressing the visible impact of homelessness in the city, has been criticized for exacerbating the issue by further marginalizing those who already face significant challenges.


SHORTS 7 - Friday, September 29:       3:15pm

Tales of the Burning River


This is a story about the legends of the boiling river. According to legend the river is located in the heart of the amazon rain forest and is said to have spiritual and healing properties.

Eurydice - "An Oper'aparima"


Danse / FRANCE / 6 min.


A dancer uses the magnificence of her art to charm the gods into granting her the impossible: a passage to the land of the dead.


Director: Camille Mỹ Giang

Producers: Camille Mỹ Giang & Luis Longo

Writer: Camille Mỹ Giang


Cast: Tehani Robinson


Vesper - Samantha Jean.jpg

Drama / USA / 16 min.


Ava and Carter navigate their failing relationship through dreams and memory to find each other and themselves during a quiet night at home.


Director: Chadwick Hopson

Producers: The Knights Young, Samantha Jean, Ando Johnson, Karan Patel, Rikesh Prema, Alex Raines, Benjamin Dunn

Writer: Chadwick Hopson


Cast: Samantha Jean, Skyler Bible

The Can

The Can_Official Still_Hannah and Shadow.PNG

Drama / USA / 22min


A broken-spirited Tim struggles to navigate love and loss, only to find the extraordinary beauty of life from an ordinary can.


Director: Shadow C. LaValley & Danielle Purdy

Producer: Shadow C. LaValley

Writer: Shadow C. LaValley


Cast: Shadow C. LaValley, Zoë Yeoman, Hannah Schill, Angela Grace Martin, Brayden Gleave, Danielle Purdy



Comedy / USA & Sweden / 14 min.
When four new friends unexpectedly have to share a hotel room in Reno, uptight Annie finds herself in an awkward situation and must find a solution before her new crush notices.

Director: Chelsea Gonzalez
Producers: Cornelia Hanes, Emily Katter
Writer: Cornelia Hanes


Cast: Cornelia Hanes, Chiyumba Ossome, Matthew Morley Daniel, Scott Alda Coffey, George Ketsios

A Smaller Big Bang

a smaller big bang.jpg

When divorce just won't do for a miserable married couple, they each hire contract killers to take the other out, only their plans go horribly awry when the killers show up on the same night.


SHORTS 5 - Friday, September 29:       5pm

The Singing Telegram


Musical/USA/14 minutes


An aspiring singer is stuck delivering singing telegrams to make ends meet. Blinded by his desire to succeed, he risks losing the one part of his life he needs most...until a surprise telegram changes his perspective.
Director: Nic Cory
Producers: Edward Grey, Emily Halbing
Writer: Edward Grey

Cast: Edward Grey, Andrew Chappelle

One Night Stand


Dark Comedy / USA / 29 Min.


A romantically confused woman wakes up with a hangover, a dead guy in her bed and no recollection of how she got there. When her clingy ex-boyfriend shows up and desperately wants to get back together, she recruits him and his doofus friend to help her uncover the events of the night before while discovering what she wants, and doesn’t want, in her love life.


Director: Mark Serao

Producers: Mark Serao, Dana Serao, Stacey Van Gorder

Writer: Dana Serao


Cast: Rebi Paganini, Zachary Desmond, Joshua Michael Payne, Logan Taylor Roberts, Zarrette Rogers

So Help Me

SoHelpMe Screengrab2.png

Comedy / USA / 21 min.


As Ronnie and Steve attempt to navigate one disaster after another, they never imagined support could be this messy.


Director: Amanda Beardsley

Producers: Steve Jacques and Amanda Beardsley

Writer: Amanda Beardsley

Cast: Steve Jacques, Amanda Beardsley, Gena Kay, Kaye Tran, Allie-Rae Treharne, James Beardsley, Angelica Roqué, Scott Spraags, Niko Montelibano

A Year to Life

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 3.14.09 AM.png

Drama/USA/10 min.


A life-altering choice is made  for a pre-teen boy on the anniversary of his mother's death.


Director:  Nikki Hevesy

Producers: Nikki Hevesy, Jahmal Holland

Co-Executive Producers: Yabetz Perez-Cohen, Lazarus Guidry

Writers:  Nikki Hevesy, Jahmal Holland


Cast: Lazarus Guidry, Nobel Whitted,  Tony Jordan, Nicholas Peters, Micaal Stevens, Christopher Franciosa, Barbara Roberts,

LaFaye Baker,  Thais Menendez, Tony Nevada

The Encounter

The Encounter_STILL2.jpeg

Drama / USA / 5 min.


Jorge breaks into his sister’s apartment to calm himself down and leave. But things don’t go as planned.


Director: Gui Agustini

Producer: Gui Agustini

Writers: Chris Levine, Gui Agustini


Cast: Gui Agustini, Paulina Cossio

Hostile Territory


3 different perspectives lead to hostile interaction between westward companions.

Amores Perdidos

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 7.42.25 PM Jeffrey De Haro.png

Drama / USA  / 4 min.


Marcela & Luis cross In search of a better life, hoping to start a family with their unborn Oscar. Will they make it?


Director: James Valley

Producers: Wendy-Sème Orleans, James Valley

Writer: Oscar Octaviano Jr.


Cast: Claire Frias, Maximiliano Garcia, Miguel Uscanga, James Valley


FEATURE - Friday, September 29:       5:15pm

Spooky Action poster 08.15 copy.jpg

Spooky Action

Comedy / USA / 104 min.


Time travelers kidnap a 1990s NASA scientist and loop him into the future to

steal his anti-aging research.  Meanwhile his wife suffers a sexual identity crisis and becomes the prime suspect in his disappearance.


Director:  Rod Bingaman

Producer: Maura Shea

Writer: Rod Bingaman


Cast: Ali Bill, Hannah Seusy, Mandy Brown, Doug Harris, Jordan Allan Bell, Mark Koenig


FEATURE - Friday, September 29:       7pm



Drama & Fantasy / USA / 82 min.


A bright young girl struggles to find her way home when she starts inexplicably waking up in a different body every day.


Director: Kellen Gibbs

Producers: Donald Nguyen

Writer: Kellen Gibbs


Cast: Charity Rose, Julia Parker, Richard Neil, Zachary Ray Sherman, Jordan Knapp, Diego Medellin, Kally Khorshid, Arthur Roberts, Tessa Espinola, Anna Telfer, Jane Edwina Seymour, Mason Marcus Burrell, Bianca Lemaire, Brandon Knabe


FEATURE - Friday, September 29:       7:15pm

FOIL_Poster_Highres copy.png


Sci Fi Comedy/USA/100 min.


A piece of foil of potential alien origin causes a rift between two friends camping in the California desert.


Director: Zach Green

Producer: Jill V. Dae

Writers: Zach Green, Devin O’Rourke


Cast: Zach Green, Devin O’Rourke, Chris Doubek, Brian McGuire, Ashley Rae Spillers, Jasmine Wattar, Ari Stidham


SHORTS 6 - Friday September 29:      9:15pm


Subsurface Screen Grab 6.png

Psychological Thriller / USA / 8 min.


A young man must confront the pain he's endured when he finds himself trapped, alone, and face-to-face with consequence.


Director: Daniel John Harris

Producers: Kyle Patrick, Joshua Schilling, J. Michael Wright, Harry Belden


Writer: Kyle Patrick


Cast: Kyle Patrick, Jordan Arrasmith, Erica Mendez, Marvin Malone II, Brian Seungheon Kim

Radio Telescope

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 7.17.58 PM.png

Sci-Fi / USA / 17 min


Set in 1984, a former NASA scientist and his young son make a discovery in his make-shift laboratory located in their garage.


Director: Tanner Beard

Producers: Ashley Eberbach, Tomik Mansoori, Alix Van Aernam

Writer: Tanner Beard


Cast: Russell Quinn, Alexandra Chando 

Seat 23B


Mystery / Thriller / USA / 15 mins


A Ponzi scheme mastermind must solve the mystery of his wife's disappearance on a plane while on the run from authorities.


Director: Michael Greenspan

Producer: Michael Greenspan

Writer: Eliott Behar


Cast: Jeremy Licht, Kimberly Wallis, Jay Jee, Erica Ibsen


Eva Ceja.jpg

Horror / USA / 8 min.


An apathetic police unit brings in a mysterious young woman to help solve a grisly homicide.


Director: Justin Burquist

Producers: Evette Betancourt, Christopher Holloway

Writer: Justin Burquist


Cast: Eva Ceja, Randy Davison, Steve Froehlich, Nick Young

Girl with the Grey Eyes

Girl with the Grey Eyes Still 2_edited.j

Thriller / USA / 14 min.


A young woman becomes consumed with keeping tabs on her attacker until she finds herself face to face with her worst nightmare.


Director: Kara Grace Miller

Producers: Bare Bones Filmmakers

Writer: Danica Lee Clauser


Cast: Danica Lee Clauser, Jake Robert Robbins, Lara-Olivia Scott

The Marinn Company


Sci-Fi Thriller / USA / 14 min.

A damaged rental sex robot learns to defy her programming against her sadistic patron.

Director, Producer, Writer: Emma Swider
Cast: Brianna Cohen, Mars Roberts, Cliff LoBrutto, Michael A. Lewis, Monty Renfrow, John Teschner, Fanny Lawren, Kevin Klink

Middle City

walk front 2_edited.png

Fantasy / Action / USA / 12 min.


In a city ruled by Orc, Elves, and Men, the last of a band of sisters will risk all forthe life of one of their own.


Director: Airon Armstrong

Producers: Airon Armstrong, Jamie Northrup

Writer: Airon Armstrong


Cast: Heidi G Schnappauf,Hannah Scott,Alexa Marcigliano,R Marcus Taylor,Shing Ka


SHORTS 8 - Friday September 29:      9:30pm

Worst Date, Best Date

14_TWO SH M4.jpg

Comedy / USA / 17 min.

Amy and Charlie are set up on a blind date by their grandmothers. From the beginning, the date seems to be going horribly wrong, with both Amy and Charlie trying to find ways to get out of the situation. However, as they continue to talk, they discover that they share something in common.
Worst Date, Best Date is a raw & heartwarming comedy about unexpected connections.

Director: Cameron Thrower
Producers: Heather Turman & Cameron Thrower
Writers: Cameron Thrower & Heather Turman


Cast: Patrick Hilgart, Kim Perrin, Tony Moore, Elizabeth Alan, Charlie Clark
Director of Photography: Jesse Aragon
Composer: Ian Schaid

Road Head

Allison Torem's ROAD HEAD - still 1.png

Absurd Comedy / USA / 16 min.


Stuck on the side of the road on their way to a social distance party, two contact-starved millennials try not to connect on an intimate level in this Reform Jewish absurd comedy about grief, changing plans, and the lengths we'll go to avoid direct communication with the people we love.


Director: Allison Torem

Producers: Lisa Cisneros, Eva Fabray, Phil Ortiz, Adam Rebora, Danny Rhodes, & Allison Torem

Writer: Allison Torem


Cast: Elan Maier, Allison Torem, & Danny Rhodes with Zako Ryan & Adam Rebora

Clean Up Crew


Comedy Thriller / USA / 18 min.

Three wannabe vigilantes team up to take down a notorious online predator in a heist gone awry.


Director: Frankie MacLaughlin

Producers: Elizabeth Conway, Frankie MacLaughlin

Writers: Elizabeth Conway, Frankie MacLaughlin


Cast: Elizabeth Conway, Dorina Amina, Del Alan Murphy, David Schwartzbaum,

Matthew D’Attilio


screengrab 1_1.1.1.jpg

Action / USA / 3 min.


Two young thieves scramble to survive when what looked like an easy score turns out to be a set up.


Director: Domenic Porcari

Producers: Domenic Porcari, Ethan Leisie, Nathanael Kaczor

Writer: Domenic Porcari


Cast: Domenic Porcari, Jordan Beltz, Thaddeus Opalinski, Nathanael Kaczor, Joseph Canon, Trenton Morris, Albert Ho


still 85 Rebecca Lynne Loftin.jpg

Drama / USA / 13 min.


After a one-night stand, Carolyn, numb and unhappily engaged, will do almost anything to break the monotony of her life and connect with her new companion, John—including pushing him to his breaking point. Shrike explores female personhood through the lens of desire, rage, and the strangeness lurking beneath the surface in all of us.


Director: Rebecca Lynne Loftin

Producers: Russell Sheaffer, Hannah McSwiggen, Madi Bready, Jennifer Levinson

Writer: Rebecca Lynne Loftin


Cast: Pedro Correa, Martha Ruby Clark

Boss Bitch


Horror Comedy/ USA/ 12 min


When four longtime besties plan a weekend away, a fun girls night quickly turns into a girl fight… for their lives.


Director: Bobby Godas

Producers: Samantha Cardona, Kelsey Flynn, AnnaLesa Rizzolo, Vika Stubblebine

Writers: Samantha Cardona, Kelsey Flynn, AnnaLesa Rizzolo, Vika Stubblebine


Cast: Samantha Cardona, Kelsey Flynn, AnnaLesa Rizzolo, Vika Stubblebine



Comedy / USA / 15 min.


A man's dinner party is ruined by a plastic spoon. Now he wants revenge on its inventor.


Directors: Matt Raetzel & Josh Taube

Producer: Sami George

Writer: Matt Raetzel & Josh Taube


Cast: Chris Newman, Holland MacFallister, Christy Edwards

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