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SHORTS 9 - Saturday, September 30:       1pm

Who We Are...


Documentary / USA / 9 min


"Who We Are" is an inspirational short documentary that delves deep into the raw, unfiltered stories of young women emerging from the shadows of their past, conquering adversity, addiction, suicide and homelessness, and discovering an unbreakable spirit that propels them towards empowerment, independence, and a brighter tomorrow.


Director: Noah Berlow

Producers: Szilva Vecserdy, Eydie Pasicel, Alissa Prewett

Writer: Noah Berlow, Aryn Free Kelly, Jack Muench

Cast: Michele Hall, Nicole Carson, Sharon Dickson, Pathways to Independence


Zoe & Alan Meet, Cute?


Comedy / USA / 7mins

When her blind date goes awry, a disheartened woman finds connection with the sweet stranger who crashes her picnic.

Director: Meisha Lee
Producers: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid
Writers: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid


Cast: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid, Miles Crawford

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday - Final.00_02_06_23.Still012.jpg

Comedy / USA / 4 min.


It's Amy's birthday and she's excited, but, unfortunately, so is her friend Sabrina.


Director: Eddie Vigil V

Producers: Eddie Vigil V, Max Goldberg

Writer: Eddie Vigil V


Cast: Ansley Hutchinson, Sarah Anarna, Eddie Vigil V


Stuck_1.7.1 Callie Ott.JPG

Comedy / USA / 12 min.
Two hook up buddies must move past their commitment issues to find
a missing condom.

Director: Michael Garcia
Producers: Andy Marques, Callie Ott
Writer: Callie Ott


Cast: Callie Ott, Andy Marques

The Civet


Comedy/USA/ 13 min.

A quirky comedy about a feisty young woman looking for light in the darkness of the pandemic lockdown in New York. Inspired by internet stories about the return of wild animals to cities around the world -- "Zika deer in Japan!" -- our determined, odd-ball heroine treks down to the Hudson River, sits on some rocks, and spends solid weeks hoping to spot a dolphin in the murky water, "like a girl Captain Ahab." Is her quest rewarded? Is there hope for the world? Or does she end up on the floor of her apartment having a five hour cry? A modern-day fairytale written and directed by the author of "The Motorcycle Diaries."


Director: Jose Rivera
Producers: Paperain Productions, Lively Lady Studios
Writer: Jose Rivera


Cast: Sara Koviak, George Saenz

The Electro-Rocker

Warrior For Love.png

Because of a freak electrical accident, an outcast teenager finds a strange new friend -- an ‘80s-style heavy metal rocker made of electricity who follows him around singing inspiring songs.

Writer/Director:  Chris Edgar

Producer:  Jenn Page

Cast:  Alejandro Fuenzalida, Jacob Alden Roa, Keiko Elizabeth, Emma Reinagel

In Search of Boozers and Schmucks

Boozers and Schmucks - Still - 01.png

Documentary / USA / 13 min.

“In Search of Boozers and Schmucks” is a short documentary set in the high turnover, high stakes, escalatingly costly world of sports card collecting, where hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year in search of Holy Grail cards. But, Joshua Morris moves to the beat of a different drum guided by one key metric: is the card funny? Comical names and hilarious looking cards with amusing backstories are his specialty. Forget Lebron James and Tom Brady rookies – Joshua is looking for an autographed card of the late NASCAR sensation Dick Trickle.

Director: Hrag Yedalian


Cast: Joshua Morris

Fence Sitter

Fence Sitter_Screengrab 1.png

Comedy / USA / 15 min.


An elder millennial experiences a pregnancy scare at her best friend’s baby shower and totally ruins the vibe.  


Director: Sydne Horton

Producers: Jordan Van Clief, Liz Galalis, Sydne Horton

Writer: Liz Galalis


Cast: Liz Galalis, Andrew Dahreddine, Kennedy C. Hall, Nadège August, Julie Brett, Michael Brown, Naela Durrani, Teresa Ganzel, Julia Hladkowicz, Susan Louise O’Connor, Tatum Price


SHORTS 11 - Saturday, September 30:      1:15pm

Expiration Date


Comedy / USA / 10 mins


A Messenger of Death comes to Earth seeking a sexual mate for eternity.


Director: Jay Zabriskie

Producer: Chris Fox

Writer: Mike Shelton



Cast: Victoria Truscott, Marc Pelina, Nathan Cozart

Co-Star Masterclass


Comedy / USA / 17 min.


A documentary crew follows a group of aspiring actors and their instructor in an acting class geared exclusively towards TV co-star roles. Through a series of interviews we learn about their hopes, dreams and what makes them tick. But we quickly find out that not all of them are going to get their big break.

Director: Michael L. Garcia

Producers: Vanessa Lynne Smith, Joaquin Ticonderoga

Writer: Joaquin Ticonderoga


Cast: Craig Cackowski, Vanessa Lynne Smith, Joaquin Ticonderoga, Gilli Messer, Arthur Marroquin, Joey Greer

Dog Breath


Comedy / USA / 13 min.


Michael spirals into madness after his girlfriend tells him his breath smells like a dog's.


Director: James Westbrook

Producers: James Westbrook

Writer: James Westbrook


Cast: James Bascomb, Jenna Kanell, Lucas Hood

Worth It


Drama / USA / 9min


Two friends contemplate whether being in love is really worth it with each other.

Director: Kristina Thomas

Producers: Aden Yaregal, Kristina Thomas

Writer: Kristina Thomas

Imposter Ep 1


Dramedy / USA / Episode 1: 6:44

A down-on-her-luck painter, desperate to get noticed, steals an outrageous idea from her ex-boyfriend and turns it into an extra feminist performance art piece that makes her go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Director: Shayda Frost

Producers: Veronica Maccari, Yaniv Waisman

Writer: Veronica Maccari



Episode 1: Veronica Maccari, Jun Wang, Nathalia Hencker,

The Bridge

The_Bridge_screengrab_01 Erin O'Sullivan.jpg

Drama/ USA / 4 min.


With music from the legendary artist Lou Reed 'The Bridge' is a short film about mental and animal health inspired by a real life-saving friendship


Director: Gabriel Agustin Freire

Producers: Jen Martin, Laura Denham, Tamika Knight

Writers: Rich Levy, Bernardo Romero, Amy Fortunato, Andrea Bistany

Black Maria

Michael Raymond-James - 1 (Still).jpg

Drama / USA / 31 min.

Ana Morales is the wife of a local gangster, a petty thug with a penchant for violence. When the infamous Allende Brothers darken her doorstep, Ana is forced to confront her husband’s horrifying truth. Black Maria is a matriarchal story of brotherhood and bloodshed, of honor found in a den of thieves.


Director: Marcus W. Albino

Producers: Brad Frizzell, Marcus W. Albino, Casey Merrill, Justin Arbabi

Writer: Marcus W. Albino


Cast: Michael Raymond-James, Vannessa Vasquez, Augusto Aguilera, and Jason Olazabal.


FEATURE - Saturday, September 30:        3pm



Drama / USA / 90 min


Young attorney Ale Villacaño takes a pro bono prison rights base and gets quickly drawn into a criminal web and corporate negligence.


Director: Chris Lawing

Producers: Rik Cannon, Natasha Coppola-Shalom, Chris Lawing

Writer: Chris Lawing


Cast: Glenn Stanton, Kate Flanagan, Michael William Schwartz, Rob Wilson, Natasha Coppola-Shalom and Rusty Schwimmer


FEATURE - Saturday, September 30:      3:30pm


Break Glass

Comedy/Drama / USA / 111 min.


Ryan Nichols has found himself living in his childhood bedroom, 6 days from his ex-wife's wedding and 7 days from his suicide. Resigned to his situation, Ryan anxiously awaits the end of the week, and his life, until his brother Trevor is summoned home and introduces him to a self-help cult that sends them on a road trip to repair the mistakes of his past to ultimately fix his future...but a ghost from his history, Sarah Gordon, has other plans.


Director: Jay Leonard

Producers: Shawn Barnes, Suzanna Bornn

Writer: Jay Leonard


Cast: Ricky DeRosa, Suzanna Bornn, Jeff Raiano


SHORTS 10 - Saturday, September 30:       5pm

Paper Planes


Romantic Comedy / USA/ 17 minutes

A woman with agoraphobia and the Airbnb guest across the hall strike up a correspondence
that becomes something more for the holidays.


Directors: Alyssa Thordarson, Michael Glover Smith
Producers: Alyssa Thordarson, Michael Glover Smith
Writer: Alyssa Thordarson


Cast: Shaina Schrooten, Alyssa Thordarson

Imposter Ep 2


Dramedy / USA / Episode 2: 8:28

A down-on-her-luck painter, desperate to get noticed, steals an outrageous idea from her ex-boyfriend and turns it into an extra feminist performance art piece that makes her go viral for all the wrong reasons.


Director: Shayda Frost

Producers: Veronica Maccari, Yaniv Waisman

Writer: Veronica Maccari

Cast: Episode 2: Veronica Maccari, Clayton Farris, Elyse Mirto

Love on Speed


Romance Comedy/ USA/ 12 mins

Aidan and Jayden feel an instant connection when they latch eyes at a speed dating event , but do they have enough courage to endure some odd characters in order to meet each other?

Director: Evan Cleaver

Producers: Evan Cleaver

Writer: Evan Cleaver

Cast: Evan Cleaver, Fana Minea Tesfagiorgis, Aaron Branch, Aly Mawji, Nic Few, Catherine Adell, Gabriella Ortiz, Daniel Zemedia, Sophia Rumbea, Sydney Rose Walker, Alma Muniz, Simmin Yu, Ian Littleworth


NUMB - Screengrab-2.jpg

Drama, Suspense / USA / 15 min.

When an unspeakable trauma strikes a woman, her husband takes their son out for a late night drive to teach him freedom, to explore pain and to demand justice... It’s a story unlike any other.

Director: Ivan Mbakop
Producers: April Mbakop, Ivan Mbakop
Writer: Ivan Mbakop


Cast: Ivan Mbakop, Navi Mbakop

Les Calins Cheaps (Cheap Hugs)

LCC-STILL- 1.png

Drama / CANADA / 15 min.


Two strangers, reeling from the loss of their mutual friend, find themselves in an unexpected moment of connection on the streets of Montreal.


Director: Sarah Baskin

Producers: Bryan Fitzgerald, Valéry Lessard, Sarah Baskin

Based on a play by: Annick Lefebvre

Adapted to screenplay by: Sarah Baskin, Valéry Lessard, Bryan Fitzgerald


Cast: Miryam Magri, Valéry Lessard, Sarah Baskin

Finding Ubuntu


Documentary Short / Malawi / 22 min 10 sec.


Finding Ubuntu is an inspiring and vital story of a Congolese refugee who loses everything, then emerges as a human rights advocate in the midst of his own crisis. The documentary short blends live action and animation to profile the life, struggles, and calling of an unsung hero doing impactful work to address issues refugees have long endured. His mission to serve is inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy, “I am because we are,” embracing our shared humanity and interdependence. After three years of rebuilding his life, Maick is stunned to learn life-altering news. He must decide whether to return to his home country or continue to serve his refugee family in Malawi who needs him most.


Directors: Ishmael Azeli, Annette King

Producer: Annette M. King

Writers: Annette M. King, Jack Schoenthaler, Taylor Martin, Trevor Delello


Cast: Maick Mutej, Clarissa Paz, Wagner Moura Gomes


FEATURE - Saturday, September 30:      6:20pm


Scarlet Winter

Murder Mystery / USA / 88 min.


After waking up to find his girlfriend murdered in bed, Mark must cover up her death while trying to piece together events from the previous night to find her murderer.


Director: Munjal Yagnik

Producers: Benny Howard, Munjal Yagnik

Writer: Zach Thielen, Munjal Yagnik

Executive Producers: Benny Howard, Munjal Yagnik
Co-Producer: June Kyu Park
Associate Producer: Himanshu Yagnik


Cast: Gregory Waits, Ryan Hope Travis, Sophie Moshofsky, Nadine Van Asbeck, and Kaitlin Leddy


FEATURE - Saturday, September 30:        7:15pm

Get Away


Horror / USA / 15 min.

A group of friends spending the weekend at a remote vacation rental in the
desert, play a mysterious VHS tape, and realize that there are too many
strange and terrifying coincidences.


Director: Michael Gabriele
Producers: Mike McNamara, Danny Rhodes, Amy Stewart
Writers: Anthony Jefferson & Michael Gabriele


Cast: Lisa Starrett, Steph Martinez, Erika Lane


Hell Hath No Fury

Dark Comedy / USA / 70 min

A husband and a wife separately and unknowingly plot to murder each other on the
same fateful night.


Director: Zachary Burns
Producers: Zachary Burns, Vinnie Hogan, Jacob Leighton Burns
Writer: Jacob Leighton Burns


Cast: Leah N.H. Philpott, Jacob Ryan Snovel, Clinton Joseph


FEATURE - Saturday, September 30:      8:30pm


Proof Sheet

Mystery / USA / 125 min.


A beautiful woman in trouble and an incriminating roll of film sends a photo-lab worker on an investigation into a dark world of sex, secrets and murder.


Director: Richard Kilroy

Producers: Alejandro Delgado, Thais Lopez Vogel, David S. Vogel

Writers: Richard Kilroy, Eduardo Santiago


Cast: Leo Llenas, Juan Javier Cardenas, Alejandro Delgado, Laura Arias, Catherine Lidstone