Psychological Thriller, Horror  / USA / 76 minutes


A Place Among The Dead is a genre-bending art film, which explores the repercussions of growing up under the sway of narcissism and psychological abuse.

Director: Juliet Landau

Producers: Deverill Weekes, Juliet Landau, Jack Baric

Writers: Deverill Weekes & Juliet Landau

Cast: Juliet Landau. Gary Oldman, Ron Perlman, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, Anne Rice


SCI-FI/USA/86 min.

Four lifelong friends decide to veer off-road and venture into a small rural town after meeting a mysterious stranger. The line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred as they encounter the strange lights of Marfa, Texas.


Director: Andy Stapp

Producers: Andy Stapp, Stelio Savante, Starla Christian

Writer: Andy Stapp

Cast: Tony Todd, Stelio Savante, Lisa Roumain, Neil Sandilands, Tracy Perez, Richard Riehle, Marcus Jahn, Kyle Colton, Brittany Alvarado, Scot Scurlock, Kimberely Pember, Martin Klaaba

DiscMo No Laurels Poster.jpg

Documentary / USA / 58 min.


Discovery Mode follows two travelers for five months throughout South East Asia as they interview 150 millennial tourists from around the world, to learn about the values of the world's most misunderstood generation.


Director: Andrew Malcolm

Producers: Andrew Malcolm, Allison Cagle

Writer: Andrew Malcolm

Cast: Andrew Malcolm. Allison Cagle


Drama/Thriller/ USA / 89 min.


A story of love, loss, and redemption - Downeast dives into the oft ignored seedy underbelly of Maine and follows Emma Maddox as she returns to her hometown years following the mysterious death of her brother, Mikey. As she reconnects with his best friend Tommy, the two rekindle their flame and Emma begins to uncover the web of lies the town has been keeping. Will Emma get the closure she so desperately seeks, or fall victim to the town’s turbulent ways? The film combines crime, revenge and most importantly, the hope for a new life. 


Director: Joe Raffa

Producers: Greg Finley, Cory Pyke, Cecilia Stevens, Edwin Stevens

Writers: Joe Raffa and Greg Finley


Cast: Greg Finley, Dylan Silver, Judson Mills, Kirk Fox, Gareth Williams, Dennis Cockrum


Mockumentary / USA / (88 minutes)


As a woman approaches the age that her mother died, she imagines her own death and the reaction to it of family and friends.


Director: Fredrica Duke

Producer: Fredrica Duke

Editor: Summer Bowie

Writer: Fredrica Duke


Cast: Augie Duke, Barnaby Duke, Oliver Kupper, Max Barrie, Kimberly Beck, Tracy Brooks Swope, John Hawkes

Father Of Flies.jpg

Psychological Horror / USA/UK / 80 min.

A haunting tale of family life. A vulnerable young boy finds his mother pushed out of the family home by a strange new woman, and he must confront the terrifying supernatural forces that seem to move in with her.


Director: Ben Charles Edwards

Producers: Kirsty Bell, Phil McKenzie (Goldfinch)
Writer: Ben Charles Edwards & Nadia Doherty


Cast: Nicholas Tucci, Camilla Rutherford, Page Ruth, Keaton Tetlow,
Davi Santos, Colleen Heidemann

Kringle Time.jpg

Comedy / USA / 103 min.


After becoming the unlikely star of a children’s show, a public access TV station manager grapples with the problematic legacy of his predecessor.


Director: Matthew Lucas

Producers: Matthew Lucas, Zan Gillies, Rick Adleson, Anthony Morigerato, Gigi Edgley, Jed Luczynski

Writer: Zan Gillies


Cast: Benny Elledge, Vernon Wells, Gigi Edgley, Jeff Wincott, Alyssa Keegan

The Laws Of The Universe.jpg

Animation / Japan / 119 min.


150 million years ago, various aliens were living in harmony under the God of the Earth, Elohim. But Dahar, who is from the dark side of the universe, was planning to annihilate the Earth...


Director: Isamu Imakake

Producers: Ryuho Okawa, Kaoru Ota, Hisaaki Takeuchi, Akira Uniya, Tomohiro Mitsuhashi, Yoichi Utebi

Writer: Ryuho Okawa, Sayaka Okawa


Cast: Yoshiko Sengen, Sayaka Ohara, Satomi Arai, Ayumu Murase

Our Little Secret.jpg

Drama / USA / 97 min.


Everybody has a secret. Two young sisters abandoned by their mother. A strange woman sleeping on their couch. A sinister fugitive hiding in their barn. FBI agents snooping around. And the world seems to be coming to an end - with a bang, not a whimper. Yes, this is going to be the best birthday ever!


Director: Yuri Zeltser

Producer: Yan Fisher-Romanovsky

Writer: Yuri Zeltser


Cast: Angela Bettis, Darwin Shaw

Surviving SexTrafficking.jpg

Documentary / USA / 72 min.


Brave and resilient sex trafficking survivors around the world share their struggles to break free from their past and find hope for the future.


Director: Sadhvi Siddhali Shree

Producers: Sadhvi Siddhali Shree, Sadhvi Anubhuti


Cast: Angela Williams, Kendra Geronimo, Rachel Fischer, Haymanot Alemayehu, Zarina Sheikh, Jeannie Mai, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, Dr. Daniel Amen

Woman of the House.jpg

Dramedy / USA / 78 min.


YA novelist, Christine Chandler, surprises her group of friends at her anniversary party: she's filing for divorce and sleeping with the much younger lifeguard. But when her husband goes missing, her friends start to worry and begin to question their loyalty to her and each other. Will she be allowed to enjoy her mid life crisis despite her judgmental friends or does the universe have other plans?


Director: Michelle Salcedo

Producer: Michelle Salcedo

Writer: Michelle Salcedo


Cast: Christine Holt, Kourtney Rutherford, Keith Chandler, Jason Schuler, Matthieu Eveillard, Gui Agustini, Jack & Joseph Farnham