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Drama / USA / 20 min.


When a manic and a depressive begin a hospital romance, it forces us to question everything we thought we knew about medicine and everything we want to believe about the healing power of love.


Director: Michael Wolfe

Producers: Michael Wolfe, Randa Karambelas

Writer: Michael Wolfe


Cast: Chelsea Yakura-Kurtz, Colin Bates



Romance / USA / 12 min.


On his best friend’s wedding day, Josh proves a best man can only do so much to make sure everything goes smoothly for the bride and groom.


Director: Dylan Tuccillo

Producers: Lisa Schiller, Stephen Tucker

Writer: Adam Elliott


Cast: Kelly McCready, Nathaniel Levin and Adam Elliott



Horror / USA / 8 min.


When Samantha's struggle with loneliness and isolation brings the return of a haunting presence from her childhood, she is forced to question what is real and what isn't. 

Director: Manuel Baeza

Producers: Anjini Taneja Azhar

Writer: Manuel Baeza


Cast: Cailyn Rice, Mary Carrig, Matanya Bar-Shalom



Surrealism / USA / 10 min.


Adam wakes up trapped in a strange desert, no escape in sight. To find his way home, he must search for answers deep within.


 Written and Directed by:  Natalia Montecinos 


Produced by: Natalia Montecinos and Joey Long


Cast:  Joey Long 



After a devastating accident, a man decides that the only way forward is to take his own life. That attempt is undoubtedly thwarted by a gorgeous party goer who interrupts those plans. Her fortunate emergence allows time for a glimmer of hope but it’s her mysterious departure that ultimately leaves him speechless.



Drama / USA / 14 min.


A surviving couple works to begin healing the emotional and psychological wounds of a shared trauma.


Director: Clare Cooney

Producers: Alyssa Thordarson, Clare Cooney

Writer: Alyssa Thordarson


Cast: Alyssa Thordarson, Glenn Stanton, Susaan Jamshidi



Romantic Dramedy / USA / 28 min.


Audrey, a struggling Hollywood actress is having a tough go at things but perhaps her luck is about to change when she receives a mysterious last minute audition that forces her to face her past.


Director: Jason Ishmael Echols

Producers: Jason Ishmael Echols, Catherine Lidstone

Writer: Jason Ishmael Echols


Cast: Catherine Lidstone, Jason Ishmael Echols, Tiwana Floyd, Ajarae Coleman, Nicole Roberts, Julian Gant, Raquelle Wallace, James Simonton, Krizia Bajos

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Horror / USA / 10 min


A young woman’s preparation for what appears to be a romantic interlude goes very wrong.


Director: Marcus Kiehl

Producer: Marcus Kiehl

Writer: Marcus Kiehl


Cast: Max Reeves

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Comedy / USA / 7 min.


Neil and Gabriela decide to try out something new for their anniversary: BDSM. This is the tale of how it all went so terribly wrong...


Director: Casey de Fremery

Writer: Casey de Fremery


Cast: Steph Martinez, Jeremy Parr

BABS_still 1.jpg


Drama / USA / 12 min.


Like a slow motion train wreck, we watch Detective Becky Rawlings plunge into the depths of alcohol psychosis and its grim consequences. Only when her alter ego slams head first into Rawlings does she start to accept the depths of her insanity.


Director: Brette Taylor, Jack Roberts (Co-Director)

Producers: Brette Taylor, Daryl Pittman, Jack Roberts

Writer: Brette Taylor


Cast: Brette Taylor, Robert Bogue



Drama / USA / 8 min.


During the intermission of a play, the lead actor receives devastating news that jeopardizes the production.


Director: Jack Swiker

Producers: Adam Bradshaw, Ed Bauman, Jake Chusid

Writer: Manny Valdivia, Leon Langford


Cast: Clay Cureton, Byron Brown Jr., Julia Haimowitz

Capture7 - Bernard Still.JPG


Comedy / USA / 9:13 min.


After the sudden death of a tenant, an inept L.A. property manager accidentally creates a competition by scheduling two couples to view the newly-available apartment at the same time, while his cleaning lady frantically tries to wipe away evidence of the dead body.


Director: Andrea Lwin

Producers: Andrea Lwin, Jeff Marchelletta, Francesca O’Hern

Writer: Andrea Lwin


Cast: David S. Jung, Elaine Kao, Jeff Marchelletta, Jonathan Ohye, Charles Kim, Andrea Lwin, Rita Rani Ahuja



Drama/ Ukraine/ 6 min.


A young guy jumps into the past to mend his relationship with his love but fails. The professor tries to stop him and save his life.


Director: Eugene Fedorov

Producers: Eugene Fedorov

Writer: Eugene Fedorov


Cast: Roman Kryvdyk, Anastasiia Perets, Sergii Lytvynenko

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Comedy / USA / 9.20


Jenn and Eddie are two unlikely friends trying to navigate dating, social media, and political correctness, in a pandemic. They are…”Bothered”.


Director: Steph Martinez

Producers: Julie Phillips, Emerson Niemchick

Writer: Julie Phillips


Cast: Julie Phillips, Emerson Niemchick, Steph Martinez

Bodega Still 1.png


Comedy / USA / 14 min.


A talented young Brooklynite/Palestinian-American attempts to live out his dreams of becoming a French pastry chef despite his first-generation father's wishes. Struggling to fill his first big order for a gig, tensions arise when the father forbids him from using their family bodega to cook.


Director: Marina Barham

Producers: Cameron Danger Strittmatter, Jacob Wilson

Writer: Marina Barham, Cameron Danger Strittmatter


Cast: Troy Tripicchio, Steven Alonte, Yasmine Al-Bustami, Katherine Leidlein, Mika Wurf, Kareem Rahm,



Sci-Fi Thriller / Spain / 7 min.

A young woman wakes up in the middle of an apocalyptic, deserted world. As she meanders through the abandoned remains, she encounters a looming presence.

Director: Mickey Tetrov
Producers: Dani Whitehead, Alejandro Salvat, Mickey Tetrov
Writer: Mickey Tetrov


Cast: Melanie Smith



Dance / USA / 9 min.


A passionate Argentine Tango dance fantasy featuring a woman exploring the sensual and dangerous possibilities presented by a potential new lover.


Director: Brian James Crewe

Producers: Matt Keil, Brian James Crewe

Writer: Brian James Crewe


Cast: Jennifer Berry, Claudio Predieri, Ella, Rebecca Bartlett

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 09.24.42.png


Comedy / UK / 02:18 mins


Caesar finds a way his name can live on for eternity.


Director: Alex Cooper

Producer: Bea Cartwright

Writers: Alex Cooper & Tom Blackwood


Cast: Alex Cooper, Tom Blackwood

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Comedy / USA / 36 minutes


Classified is Veep meets the CIA in a filmic Coen Brothers like comedy about a team of intelligence agents - not the best nor the brightest. 


Director:                            Aemilia Scott

Executive Producers:      Chris Carvalho and Chris Plaushin

Writers:                             Chris Carvalho and Chris Plaushin


Cast:  Eric Roberts, Mary Faber, Mitch Silpa, Tim Russ, Tony Rodriguez and Allison Dunbar.

Omelette Smile.jpg


Comedy / USA / 12 min

A short film about living with yourself.

Writer / Director / Producer: Eric DePriester

Cast: Emma Center



Drama/ USA / 6 mins


In a not too distant future new laws have created more hurdles for basic medical rights. Police are militant and anonymous, citizens going into clinics can become criminals.


Director: Carlos Velasco

Producers: Beth Sloke, Carlos Velasco

Writer: Beth Sloke


Cast: Chauncey Trask, Nika Khitrova, Caitlin M Hutson, Dedan Donovan, Dan Lambirth, Kelly Alejandra Cantoral.



An artist and her deviate lover suffer the consequences of their actions, when they are hunted by a deranged man from the Australian outback. They must find a way to survive.



Comedy / USA / 5 min.


God only 7 days to finish the "Create All Life on Earth" project. No time to sleep? These animals are going to get…sketchy.


Director: Gille Klabin

Producer: Clay Elliott

Writer: Clay Elliott


Cast: Clay Elliott, Spencer McCurnin, Victoria Nuñez Truscott



Satire / USA / 8 mins 13 secs


Caught on the premiere of Annie Decker’s Wow Sponge commercial, husband George along with friends Gemma and Mikey celebrate the success of Annie’s blooming acting career. Little does she know while Gemma and Mikey bicker about pie, husband George is drowning in debt and is about to crack…


Director: Tiffany Kim Stevens

Producer: Kyle Herman

Writers: Daniel Moya, Tiffany Kim Stevens



Drama / USA / 29 min.


In a post-apocalyptic world, a woman on the brink of suicide, finds a new reason to live when two strangers knock on her door.


Director: Nicole Cinaglia

Producers: Nicole Cinaglia, David Warren, Joe Raffa, Hunter Johnson, Richard Trejo

Writer: Nicole Cinaglia, Joe Raffa


Cast: Nicole Cinaglia, Joe Raffa, Juniper Ghazi, Jennifer Nangle



An alien conspiracy theorist’s wildest dream comes true when she’s accidentally abducted by intelligent life that may not be intelligent after all.


Director: Camilla Wolf

Producers: Bethany Liles, Camilla Wolf

Writer: Camilla Wolf, Daniel Rogers

Animation: Camilla Wolf


Cast: Camilla Wolf, Bethany Liles, Brian Nichols, Giselle Panameno, Emily Panameno, Ricardo Panameno



Drama / USA / 11 min.


Martin and Cassandra's promising second date takes an unexpected turn

when their conversation challenges personal beliefs and their assumptions about each other. By the end of the night both will find they are living in a world much different than what they believed it to be. 

Director: Brian James Crewe

Producers: Matt Keil, Brian James Crewe

Writer: Brian James Crewe, Joe Holt, Matt Keil, Amy Sloan. Based on the stage play by Mario Rivas


Cast: Amy Sloan, Joe Holt



Dramatic-Comedy / USA / 11 min.

A day in the life of a modern Midwestern community as a farmhand hunts for the cow he scared away.

Director: Brian White
Producers: Anthony Lucido, Eric Colonna, Brian White
Writer: Brian White


Cast: Glenn Griesbaum, Tony Hudson, Zane Higgins, Lance Hudson, Janet Gash, AysleiMorris-Jones



In the early days of the internet a brother and sister attempt to mend their strained relationship as they venture into the woods to film a hoax video.



Horror / Canada / 7 min.


As romantic tensions consume Cote and her girlfriend, a pesky hangnail triggers a downward spiral into obsession.


Director: Rosalee Yagihara

Writer: Meg Turner

Producers: Alyssa Biller, Jacqueline Nguyen


Cast: Luvia Petersen, Bethany Brown



In this EDM musical, Frank does everything he can to avoid another horrible breakup. He does not do a good job.



Drama / USA / 17:31


Rigo, the new kid in town, finds himself being bullied by some of the local kids. A chance encounter with Miguel, a comic book store owner, introduces Rigo to the vast world of superheroes. But are they real or fiction?


Director: Roberto Sanchez

Producer: Erika Sabel Flores, Roberto Sanchez

Writer: Roberto Sanchez


Cast: Roberto Sanchez, Caleb Martinez, Bryson Robinson



Comedy / USA / 27 min.


A satire comedy series told through the sharp wit and perky charm of the narrator Ruth, ‘How to Hack Birth Control,’ takes on everything that sex-ed never told you.


Director: Sassy Mohen

Producers: Sassy Mohen, Steve Cubine, Vince Yearly

Writer: Sassy Mohen


Cast: Xanthe Paige, Jackie R. Jacobson, Aisha Renee Holden, Megan Rach, Danny Royce, Austin Powell, Lauren Elizabeth Harris



Animation / USA / 23 min.


A true autobiographical animated short about being diagnosed with a life threatening case of brain cancer,  trying to make sense of a world where people don't seem to know how to communicate about illness, and the hilarity that ensues.


Director: Nolan Wang

Producer: Nolan Wang

Writers: Nolan Wang, Davin Wang


Cast: Nolan Wang, David Nett, Meredith Donahue, Reasha Honaker, Davin Wang, Romayne Putna, Maureen Bennett

Hummingbird Still #1.jpg


Drama, Sci-Fi / USA / 15 min.


Over one disorienting evening, Rosa discovers that her daughter has developed unusual abilities that threaten the harmony of her perfect family, and the world at large. 


Director: Lindsey E. Gary

Producers: Andrew J. Amato, Lindsey E. Gary, Tyler Nelson

Writer: Lindsey E. Gary


Cast: Stella Maeve, Ella Grace Helton, Christopher Allen



Comedy/USA/8 min.

Two desperate actors try everything they can to make
themselves cry in order to secure a pivotal role on a tv


Director: Paul Santoli
Producer: Josh Libertine
Writers: Paul Santoli, Curry Barker


Cast: Paul Santoli, Curry Barker, Sterling Pope, Cooper Tomlinson

ITB image 2 .png


Drama / USA / 19 min.


While caring for his 10 month old daughter, a husband reminisces about the months leading up to and after his wife's battle with PTSD, Survivor's Guilt and Opioid addiction.


Director: Mark Koetsier

Producers: Edgar Romero, Claudia Pardon, Jean Christen, Coralyn Wahlberg,

                   Lynn Hobson, Chelle Wahlberg, Dublin Wahlberg, Mark Koetsier

Writer: Dublin Wahlberg


Cast: Gina Vitori, John Ruby, Raquell Bell, Christy Williams, Deborah Arakelian,  Sly Ford Haufrect



Horror/ USA / 7 min.


A man’s life is disrupted when he begins to suffer from sleep paralysis.


Director: Meko Winbush

Producers: Ramsey Krull, Meko Winbush, Michael Brodner

Writer: Meko Winbush


Cast: George Wyner, Michael Brodner, Arlene Santana

In Training_ Screengrab 1.png


Drama / USA / 12 min.


Trina, an assassin in training, is hooking up with someone one night, when she suddenly divulges top secret information.


Director: Kayla Compton

Producers: Kayla Compton, Rorelee Tio, Josiah Ruis

Writer: Kayla Compton


Cast: Kayla Compton, Danielle Nicolet, Brandon McKnight

Ballet Unleashed - Inklings - Lauren-Frances Wood Screengrab.png


The latest project commissioned from Ballet Unleashed embraces a new creation by award-winning choreographer and filmmaker Loughlan Prior. Developing as a signature amongst his diverse works, Prior’s creativity is matched by the intelligence of his approach to concept, musical interpretation and movement vocabulary. Combining choreographic language with a cinematic sensibility, Prior’s new work Inklings is a short film which seeks to nurture the development of specialized solo creations. Resulting in positioning each dancer together in a virtually realized space, this work unifies emerging artists from locations all over the world. Both playful and surreal, Inklings investigates the symmetry, intricacy and hidden meanings behind Rorschach’s Inkblot Tests in a collaboration with New Zealand-based composer Claire Cowan and post-production company POW Studios. The bold and ever-evolving visual landscape of the work explores aspects of artistic harmony, physical layering and interconnectedness, featuring deeper personal stories emerging from within amorphous forms, as ideas are brought to life.


Director and Choreographer: Loughlan Prior

Producer: Anaya Bobst

Executive Producer: John Dalrymple

Commissioned By: Ballet Unleashed


Cast: Lauren-Frances Wood, Anny Stewart, My Le, Saige Palleske, Avery Grierson, Charly Hopkins, Zacary Healy, Leila Bershad

Junior's Giant screengrab 1.jpg


Drama / Canada / 15 min.


 A close-knit Grandfather and his trans Granddaughter struggle when his dementia sparks an imaginary giant and gender confusion, causing pain for them both.


Director: Paula Brancati

Producers: Candice Chow-How, Paula Brancati, Debra McGrath

Writer: Debra McGrath


Cast: Eric Peterson, Kinley Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Ardon Bess

KGJ_TRAILER_220406.01_00_52_00.Still005 copy.jpg


Psychological Thriller / USA / 14:58

In this tense clash of wills between killer and captive, motives are questioned, secrets exposed, as both sides vie for power and uncover the truth. 

Director: Andrew Gallerani 
Producers: Andrew Gallerani, James Hutchison, Margot Ott

Writer: Andrew Gallerani 

Cast: Lauren Akemi Bradley, Jeff Gladstone



Action/Adventure / USA / 6 min. 25 sec.


The origin story of a superhero. Darius Clay, an Army sergeant scorned by political corruption, receives a visit from his ancestors calling him to an epic journey of redemption.


Director: Ahmad Dugas

Producers: Ahmad Dugas, Cullen Chambers, Ian Stack and Jimi Rossi

Writer: Ahmad Dugas


Cast: Ahmad Dugas, Chris Clabaugh, Doyin Domingo, Wil Crown, Henry Foster Brown and Portia Cue.

Kody Switch Pic 2.png


Dark Comedy/ USA/ 9 mins


Kody alters the way he speaks based on the situation or who he’s talking to. Some would call it a survival technique; others might think he is clinically insane.


Director: Evan Cleaver

Producers: Evan Cleaver, Bety Le

Writer: Evan Cleaver


Cast: Evan Cleaver, Robert Gibby Brand



Drama / Denmark / 18 min.


A woman struggling with a hereditary heart disease starts an intense physical relationship with a young man obsessed with ice swimming.


Director: Marley Hasselbach

Producers: Ditte Juel, Maria Westring-Madsen

Writer: Marley Hasselbach


Cast: Niels Knop Madsen, Mikka Deleuran

Life Drawing Screen Grab 1.png


Drama / USA / 10 min.


A plus-sized college student is hazed by a sorority into posing nude for a figure drawing class.


Director: Gregory Earls

Producers: Stacey Holderbach

Writer: Gregory Earls and Stacey Holderbach


Cast: Beccy Quinn, Tara Dane, Abby Azzarello, Alison Sullivan, Tamara Wiggens

lionessstill2 copy.jpg


Drama/ USA/ 8 min.


Barricaded in a motel room, a mother’s determination and primal instincts kick in to protect her child’s innocence.


Director: Molly E. Smith

Producer: Sara Oliva

Writer: Sara Oliva


Cast: Sara Oliva, Lily Jane

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 2.42.51 PM.png


Dramedy / USA / 10 min.


Jon’s struggle with his mental health is illuminated in his relationships with women. A short dramedy about the everyday impacts of toxic masculinity and men’s unchecked mental health.


Director: Jon Ebeling

Producers: Jon Ebeling, Michaela Myers, Eric Lombart

Writer: Jon Ebeling


Cast: Jon Ebeling, Bailey Kai, Ken Kirby



Comedy / USA / 14 min.


With a timeshare on the line, three couples compete to set up their single friend by midnight on New Year's Eve.


Director: CJ Colando

Producers: Andrew Martinez Nold, Jared Moore, Charlotte Kaseta, Jenni Kennedy, Eden Elissague, Paris Dylan

Writer: CJ Colando & Paris Dylan


Cast: Paris Dylan, Charlotte Kaseta, Jenni Kennedy, Eden Elissague, Emily Shulmanovich, Gabriel M. Ramirez, Chad Scott Caisse



This film celebrates the memory of Molly Steinsapir, a 12-year-old with a deep and creative spirit, who tragically lost her life in February 2021. Her extended friends and family came together to fund, produce and animate a poem she wrote for a school assignment - "Where I'm From" - as a surprise for her Mother, presented on the 1 year anniversary of Molly's passing. Now the completed film is being used to bring awareness to the Molly Steinsapir Foundation and spread her light far and wide.

NATE_Still #1.jpeg


Drama/Thriller  /  USA  /  19 min.


Two estranged women friends reconnect on the day one of  their husbands is murdered.


Director:  Earl Bolden, Jr.

Producers:  Kyle Webb, Andrea Thornton Bolden, Earl Bolden, Jr., Maritza Murillo Meadows

Writer:  Andrea Thornton Bolden


Cast:  Taja V. Simpson, Carly Turner Knight

Our America - Still 1 of 4.jpg


Experimental / Animation / USA + Australia / 4 min.


“Our America” is a short-form, non-narrative meditation on American 20th century industrial promises gone awry.  The film explores the dreams of World War II America through imagery based on 1943 teacher aid posters called Our America which were distributed to schools throughout the U.S. From the vantage point of nearly a century later, the film examines how the innocent, celebratory intent of American ingenuity has led us on a path of unintended consequences. “Our America” follows “140 Characters” (2017), a short non-narrative film about the unfulfilled promises of the internet.


A film by Dean Winkler and Donald Butler

Music and Sound design by Jon Kane

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Drama/USA/17:34 min.


When a platoon of Navy SEALs gets pinned down on a mission, an elite CIA ground team is sent in to help rescue them. As the mission unfolds, the personal price paid by  elite warriors is exposed.


 Director: Aaron Cohen

Producer: Aaron Cohen and Darya Danesh

Writer: Aaron Cohen


Starring: Aaron Cohen and Tony Nevada

PAST LIFE_Still 1.jpg


Comedy / USA / 13 min.


In a world where past lives are remembered, an ambitious academic’s life implodes the night he is recognized by a forgotten enemy… a small dog.


Director: Rose O'Shea

Producers: Andrew Hansen, Shane Spiegel, Kat Palardy

Writer: Andrew Hansen, Jessica Seay-Klatt


Cast: Andrew Hansen, Vic Michaelis, Kimia Behpoornia, Cathryn Mudon, Betsy Sodaro, Dot Dog

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 7.08.31 PM.png


Horror / USA / 13 Min.


A flower seller on the streets of Los Angeles struggles with the pain and pleasure of chasing her dreams.


Director: Manny Liotta

Producers:  Buck Bloomingdale, Nick Tosti, Ryan Schaefer

Writer: Manny Liotta


Cast: Natalia Becerril, Soyana Pigniat, Devin Brochu, Chloe Diaz



Comedy / USA / 4 min.


A young woman loves her ”pet” piñata dearly, but she’s not the only one who desperately wants to “take care” of her sweet, sweet baby.


Directors: Carolina Matamoros and Ryan Ebert

Producers: Ryan Ebert, Amy Stuvland Parks, Robby Stuvland

Writer: Ryan Ebert


Cast: Angela Nordeng, Mike Ierardi



Coming-of-age, Drama / USA / 6 min.


Study, study, study. Olivia was an obedient daughter, A++ student, who cut off her friends because of daddy’s will. Until one psychology class changed her perspective on the pressuring system she was trapped in. Olivia decides to disobey for the first time in her lifetime.


Director: Amira Kopeyeva

Producer: Andrea Dichi

Writer: Amira Kopeyeva



Punch Drunk is a dramatic short film addressing a taboo, women-centric experience in a comedic, gritty way. We meet Nora, a bartender in rural Kentucky working a routine shift filled with interesting faces and even darker memories. While the warm ambience of the bar feels like home, traumatic experiences in tandem with a recent precancerous cervical surgery begin to bleed into her psyche and quite literally her place of business. Tucked-away agony aligns with present-day anguish as Nora endeavors to survive the mental and material challenges before her.

Quiet Your Mind Production Still 1.jpg


Comedy / USA / 4 min.


Brooke tackles the "simple" art of meditating.


Director: Jason C. Brown

Producers: Serious Child Productions

Writer: Erin O’Shea


Cast: Erin O’Shea, Brice Beckham



Sc-Fi / Spain & USA / 7 min.


A lone man wanders a barren landscape on a foreign planet, salvaging items off of bodies that have fallen to the surface. Produced on the island of Lanzarote under the mentorship of director Werner Herzog.


Director: Curtis Matzke

Producers: La Selva Ecosistema Creatiu

Writer: Curtis Matzke


Cast: Nacho Peña Ahedo

Removable still 1.jpg


Drama / USA / 15 min.


An immigrant struggles with guilt after calling the police on her abusive husband, which results in his deportation.


Director: Shu-Ying Chung

Producer: James Rosenthal

Writers: Shu-Ying Chung, James Rosenthal


Cast: Yi Liu, WooJae Chung, Chun Cho, Borah Ahn, Carolina Đỗ, Kylie Kuioka, Vincent Leong, Jody Chang



Drama, Action / USA / 27 min.

A merciless orthodox priest leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit to find his daughter who is groomed into the sinister world of human trafficking.

Director: Christos Bitsakos
Producers: Christos Bitsakos, Chris Oneliner, Brett Kerr, James Eric
Writer: Christos Bitsakos


Cast: Konstantin Lavysh, Olivia Rouyre, Lew Temple, Drew Rausch, Mike Brunetto.



Musical / Drama /USA / 6 min.


 “Saturday Night” blends art, music, and movement in a simple vignette that reminds us of the most important of all truths; that life is the blank canvas upon which we must paint our desires.


Director: Michael C Perry

Producer: Ian Matthews

Writer: Michael C Perry


Cast: Madeline Underwood, Reggie Valdez.



Comedy / USA / 9 min.


A nostalgia-prone man finds himself transported to a world where seventh grade lasts forever.


Director: John Killoran

Producer: Ryan Patch

Writer: John Killoran


Cast: Josh Hopkins, Hugh Scott, Victor Togunde



Drama / USA / 18 min.


Two women simultaneously go through traumatic events, and connect briefly over a phone call.


Director: Melanie Thompson

Producers: Truman Lewis, Maggie Rodriguez-McGovern, Diana Keeler

Writer: Marisa Hood


Cast: Molly Jackson, Marisa Hood, Noah Toth, Molly Hagan

Smiles Stills_2.jpg


Horror / Canada, USA / 7 min.


When a young woman struggles to smile, her depression becomes something truly monstrous.


Director: Joanna Tsanis

Producers: Zeus Kontoyannia, Adrian Bobb

Writer: Joanna Tsanis


Cast: Konstantina Mantelos, Ashley Laurence (Voice), Tyler Williams

Snow Globe 02.jpg


Drama / USA / 8 min.


A devious housewife prepares her husband’s killer Christmas gift, but when reality comes knocking her past and future collide.


Director: Christopher Ryan Laughter

Producers: Christopher Ryan Laughter, Michael Wielock, Nicole Castillo, Chloe Munoz

Writer: Michael Wielock


Cast: Candice Moll, Dylan Rourke, Beau Marie



A Man goes to a storage facility and is surprised by what he finds.

Sugar Dre Screen Grab 1.jpg


Documentary / USA / 9 min.


“Sugar” Dre Donovan looks to rise above the streets and take his family with him as he makes his pro boxing debut.


Director: Cole Erickson

Producers: Cole Erickson, Aaron Bratcher, Phil Diab

Writer: Cole Erickson


Cast: Andre Donovan

The Bruja Nicol Eilers.jpg


Horror Thriller/USA/3:47 min.

A rebellious Native teen and her cousin lost in the desert are haunted by an ancient Apache mountain spirit.


Director: Nicol Eilers
Producers: Celia Xavier
Writers: Nicol Eilers, Linda Scarlett, Celia Xavier


Cast: Daisha Keyonnie, Chloe Caro, Adrian D. Thomas

Monica McCarthy - SJ Screengrab Tessa.jpg


Dark Comedy / USA / 12 min 48 sec.


When a struggling Method acting student is interrogated by an international Baddie who thinks she is a CIA agent, she must give the performance of her life… literally.

Director: Monica McCarthy
Producers: Nathalie Frederick, Erin Glass, Monica McCarthy, Elizabeth Daniels
Writer: Monica McCarthy


Cast: Monica McCarthy, Lindy Rogers, Sergey Nagorny, Yaz Perez, Ben Brown, Ben Stroman, Jude Severin, Nina Tarr

Ballet Unleashed - Switchback Still 4.png



Dance / Canada / 12 min, 49 sec.


In response to an emerging landscape for current artists, internationally renowned film director Lauren Finerman and choreographer Cathy Marston’s new choreographic work Switchback offers a physical narrative portraying a dancer’s quest to chase their dreams. Switchback is a coming of age story about a young adult who leaves their home in order to chase their dream. The film follows their story as they set out on a quest to leave what is comfortable and embark on the unknown. Their story is echoed through the stories of other characters on the same journey, taking risks, getting lost and facing challenges to reach their goal. By drawing from their personal experiences and that of collaborating artists, this dance film features site specific solos and duets, performed by six dancers from locations all over the world.


Directors: Lauren Finerman, Cathy Marston

Choreographer: Cathy Marston

Producers: Anaya Bobst, Lauren Finerman

Executive Producer: John Dalrymple


Cast: Inara Wheeler, David West, Annabelle Hustace, Marusya Madubuko, Tristan Toy, Michaela Marrable



Comedy/ USA / 6 min.


A married couple spend the day shopping for a coffee table.


Director: Katie Morris

Producers: Kevin Liang, Katie Morris, Tom Morris

Writer: Katie Morris


Cast: David Magidoff, Angela Lin, David Legal, Anna Sun, Winona Nguyen, Gwen Van Dam, Pahlavi Sastry

Temecula Screenshot 2.jpeg


Dark Comedy / USA / 14 min.


When Serena invites her three best friends to her recently purchased countryside villa, questions are raised regarding how she acquired this newfound lifestyle.


Director: CJ Colando

Producers: Andrew Martinez Nold, Jared Moore, Paris Dylan, Charlotte Kaseta, Jenni Kennedy, Eden Elissague, Emily Shulmanovich

Writer: CJ Colando


Cast: Charlotte Kaseta, Jenni Kennedy, Eden Elissague, Emily Shulmanovich

Testimony FrameGrab1_3.1.1.png


Thriller / USA / 17 min.


Murder suspect Michael Raines questions his own truth and reality after battling a peculiar detective determined to get more than a confession during an interrogation.


Director: Jason Camp

Producers: Jason Camp, Ocean Marciano, Roberto Sanchez, Vladimir Versailles

Writer: Jason Camp


Cast: Roberto Sanchez, Vladimir Versailles, Becky Birdsong, Phil Tyler



After a man brings home an antique chair, a series of horrific events follow, leading him to question if it's a malevolent spirit the chair possesses or the darkness inside his own mind?

TCF Still 1.png


Drama / USA / 16 min.

Randy has been going through a tough spell after separating from his wife, but he's found a way to finally express himself and it involves a song he wrote and an open mic night.

Director: Joshua Snyder
Producers: Joshua Snyder
Writer: Joshua Snyder

Cast: Jack Clark Brand, Shanel Cole, Sylvain Panet-Raymond



In a high-energy musical retelling of a well trodden tale, three young lads wish for a bit more than they can handle



An intergalactic maintenance worker travels to a distant planet to fix a fallen drone, only to discover a hostile force that won't let her leave.



In 1870, Margaret Knight launched a patent dispute that would be the first of its kind. She is forced to prove in court that she the designer, is the rightful owner of the patent of the machine that puts bottoms on paper bags; not Charles Annan, the man who has already built it.

The Last Tree Screengrab no2 Fredrik Strang.png


Drama/Comedy /Sweden /16 min.

An average Joe who reflects on Easter's ecological fate wakes up, and everything suddenly stops working. Is it Murphy's law, or is "The Overshoot Day" haunting him?


Director: Fredrik Sträng

Producers: Mak & Adi Omanovic, Matilda Hagård

Writer: Fredrik Sträng


Cast: Fredrik Sträng, Fredrika Friberg, Misagh Sharifian, Philipe Cary, Lena Sjödin, Ivar Grahn



Drama/USA/20 min.


A depressed woman receives a mysterious package delivered by an old acquaintance.


Director: Melanie Thompson

Producers: Melanie Thompson, Alexandra Clayton

Writer: Melanie Thompson


Cast: Melanie Thompson, Johnny Cannizzaro



Comedy/Horror / USA / 12 min.


 A tip from an old friend sends ex-cop Eldridge Haas and his "best good boy" Tanner to investigate a bizarre death that may lead to the trail of his brother's killer…known commonly as The Easter Bunny.


Director: Mike Henry

Producers: Mike Henry, Jess Helgeson

Writer: Mike Henry


Cast: John K Hart, Erin Cole, Robert Cuddy, Gabe Helgeson


Documentary / USA / 17 Minutes


At the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic and in the midst of a PPE crisis, Broadway’s resilient community comes together to create the infrastructure to supply frontline medical workers with desperately needed hospital gowns.


Director: Paul Grant

Producers: Nathan Crane Cohen, Paul Grant, Jeff Whiting

Writer: Nathan Crane Cohen, Paul Grant, Anthony Romaguera


Cast: Jeff Whiting, Robin McGee, Christian Duran



Thriller / USA / 7 min.


A Soviet spy embedded in the U.S. as a sleeper agent discovers his home has been bugged, and must decide whether to reveal his identity to his American daughter while keeping the truth hidden from those listening in.


Director: Tom Lawson

Producers: Olivia Simon

Writer: Tom Lawson


Cast: Brad Hamler, Lennon Sickels

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Drama / USA / 22 min.


In an effort to free herself from writer's block, an aspiring screenwriter with big dreams decides to share her truth despite doubts, all while navigating challenging life changes brought on by divorce.


Director: Katie Garibaldi

Producers: Katie Garibaldi

Writer: Katie Garibaldi


Cast: Marisa Hood, Laura Siskoff, Sean Liang, Mickey Schiff, Cindy D’Andrea, Larry Altmayer, Jules Quaas, David Cameli

Those We Carry - Key Still.jpg


Drama / USA / 14 min.


Those We Carry is a snapshot of a mother and daughter's last 24 hours together as they travel to the wilderness of California so the mother, who's terminally ill, can die with dignity.


Director: Rachel Borders

Producers: Grace Merriman, Rachel Borders, & Anastasia Puglisi

Writer: Rachel Borders


Cast: Nancy Travis & Adrienne Visnic

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Sci-fi Drama / USA / 15 min.

Izzy Michals has only ten minutes to make peace with who she can before the sun explodes and annihilates the planet, but her encounters are nothing like what she expected.

Director: Kyle Tye
Producers: Meredith Michal, Chelsea Figueroa, Samuel Figueroa, Josh Outing, Mary K. Leslie
Writers: Chelsea Figueroa, Natalie Pellegrini


Cast: Chelsea Figueroa, Rob Harmon, Summer Cooke, David Sparling

TBH Screengrab 1.png


Drama / USA / 6 min.


Two exes attempt to reconnect, unaware they each have something to hide.


Director: John Robert Hammerer

Producers: Daniel Kirby, Liana Sonenclar, John Robert Hammerer

Writer: Liana Sonenclar


Cast: Liana Sonenclar, Daniel Kirby, Ana Moioli

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Drama / USA / 13 min.


 A young mother packs away the last box, a life never lived.


Director: Kyle Beckwith

Producer: Kyle Beckwith

Writer: Kyle Beckwith


 Cast: Aimee Paxton, Carly Stewart

Unveiled Stills_1.5.1.jpg


Horror / USA / 2 min.


Something is moving in the shower, but it will take more than a curtain to
unveil it.

Director: Ryan Graff
Producers: Ryan Graff, Tim McCombe
Writer: Ryan Graff


Cast: Nika Khitrova

BANNER 1 copy.jpg


Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller / USA / 15 min.


In the not-too-distant future, we follow Leah and her young daughter Ariel as they rave against the clock to cross the U.S border before sunrise. As officers close in, the direction they run becomes less and less clear.


Director: Joseph Hooten

Producers: Liliana Granados, Don Ohmer, George C. Hall

Writer: Joseph Hooten


Cast: Atala Arce, Casey Lynn, Jay Phoenix

Vlada Goes to London - Still 1.jpg


Drama / Israel / 22 min.


Vlada is a pizza delivery girl who lives in Haifa and dreams of becoming a famous DJ. Within a five-hour shift, we get a glimpse into her world full of pressure where she’s willing to do whatever it takes to find the money for a flight to perform at a festival in London.


Director: Arti Savchenko

Producers: Arti Savchenko

Writer: Arti Savchenko


Cast: Shely Nave, Yarden Tuizer, Oren Hagany, Yulia Burichin



Documentary / USA / 23 min.


The spirit of live theatre shines as two LA theatre companies fight to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.


Director: Josie Andrews

Producers: Josias Chavez, Lameng Bei

Cast: Rubén Amaviza-Murúa, Alexa Vellanoweth, Jeffrey Silcock, Richard Israel

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Comedy/Gangster/USA/14 minutes

When two warring gangs end up in an 8-way standoff, the tense situation leads to unexpected circumstances that are both comedic and tragic.


Director: Jonathan Hammond
Producers: Yasmin Preciado, Ryan Binse, Shannon Taylor
Writers: Jonathan Hammond & Ryan Roach



Drama / USA / 11 min.

In 1967 Los Angeles, two different women, Joe a single, bohemian artist and Barb, a married, wealthy mother and homemaker, confront their mutual heartbreak and discover a surprising connection that changes them both.

Director: Alexandra Collins

Producers: Rebecca Knox, Maxine Muster, Alexandria Collins

Writer: Rebecca Knox, Maxine Muster

Cast: Rebecca Knox, Maxine Muster



Kayayei (k-æ-y-æ-y-ei): Porter girls who come from the Ghanaian interior to the metropolitan cities in the south. A compound word from the word ‘kaya’ which means burden. And ‘yei’ which means women.



Drama/ UK / 20 mins.


When British Soldier Paul Smith returns home from the war in Afghanistan to his family and friends, he returns home a shadow of the man. Paul, suffering from Mental Health, PTSD, life turns to self-destruction upon his return.


Director: David Crowley


Producers: Kru Lundy & Kirsty Lund


Writer: Kru Lundy



Fantasy/Drama / 37 min


After Hades murders two teens, his third victim, Juno, escapes, teleporting through solid steel into an open field where her body is found unconscious. Immediately after, a high-school student, Kali, awakes with a psychic link to Juno and telekinetic powers. Kali's telekinetic powers are first used against her school bully; but they make her a target for Hades who is hunting Kali and Juno as he attempts to overthrow his brother Zeus.


WRITTERS: Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos, Kaye L. Morris, & Janet Morris

DIRECTORS: Jack Skyyler & Alex Zinzopoulos

PRODUCERS: Denis O’Brien & Janet Morris

CAST: Kaye L. Morris, Corbin Bersen, Melissa Jane Rodriguez, Brock O’Hurn, Langston Fishburne, Silvia Dionicio, Kent Cassella, Jose Guns Alves, Sarah Moliski

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