218 Screengrab 1.png


Drama / USA / 17 min.


When eight-year-old Colin is sequestered in a barren apartment under the watchful eye of two police officers while his mother leaves him alone everyday, Colin must grow up and find his place in this confined world.


Director: Sam Pinnelas

Producers: Julie Meghan Brown, Sam Pinnelas

Writer: Sam Pinnelas


Cast: Billy Carlos Saleebey, Janet Carter, Matthew Tarricone, Mitchell Pratt

Diahnna Nicole Baxter Stacks.JPG


Comedy / USA / 7.5 minutes


Unprecedented times force two fierce rivals to come face to face for the first time in over a decade, to close a deal for the most valuable substance on earth.


Director: Gerald Webb

Producers: Gerald Webb, Meredith Thomas, Mark Christopher Lawrence

Writer: Gerald Webb


Cast: Mark Christopher Lawrence, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Calvin Winbush, Tarnue Massaquoi, Jamie Burton-Oare, Jadarrel Belser

2 Timers Still 2.jpg


Comedy / USA / 17 min.


A showdown between an ambitious actress, her shady business partner, and a Hollywood Diva turns into a 3-way double-cross.


Director: Aslin & Cibella

Producers: Shane Cibella, Tim Aslin, Todd Waring

Writer: Todd Waring


Cast: Amber Stevens West, Steven Weber, Jane Kaczmarek

NoHo 99 2.jpg


Thriller/USA/17 min.


A stranger has the ability to change the immediate future of someone’s life and avoid the pending danger. They must choose to accept.


Director: Michael G Kehoe

Producers: Michael G Kehoe, Tori London, Rob Harper, Richard Joel

Writer: Michael G Kehoe


Cast: Yan Birch, Richard Leacock, Sala Baker, Tori London, Dennis Keiffer, Will Dixon, Michelle Allaire, Teva Barnea



Experimental / USA / 3 minutes


Isolation drives a man to rethink his position within a capitalistic society.


Director / Writer / Producer: Marc Cartwright


Cast: Baker Chase Powell



Musical / USA / 3 mins.

Exploring our relationship to the creative process at a time when the days seem to stretch on forever, and inspiration and joy seem all too scarce, A Year Of Sunday’s follows Juliet Doherty as she strives to fill the moments.

Director: Jeremie Dameme

AG Stiil 3 .jpeg


Drama / USA / 23 min.


A story about a young woman looking after her father, a Vietnam veteran struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, in which dealing with the challenges of everyday life can require an extraordinary amount of patience, understanding, love…and grace.


Director: Nina Brissey

Producers: Robert Craighead, Nina Brissey, Kevin Frost, Geric Miller-Frost

Writers: Nina Brissey, Stephen Mazur


Cast: Robert Craighead, Nina Brissey, Katherine Kampko, Kevin Alain

Still2_A.Chekhov's The Proposal.png


Comedy / USA / 29 min. 12 sec.


A bungling young landowner solicits his neighbor for his daughter's hand in marriage only to find that to get an "I do" he must battle through a cacophony of land rights, hunting dogs, cookies and tea.


Director: Theo Coumbis

Producers: Theo Coumbis, Olga Kalashnikova, Kenneth Matepi

Writer: based on the translation by Constance Garnett of the one-act play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov

Screenplay by: Theo Coumbis


Cast: Kenneth Matepi, Theo Coumbis, Olga Kalashnikova



Animation / USA-Brazil / 2 minutes


A short story of humanity in two minutes.

Many years after the Big Bang, around 2 million years ago, a new character appeared in South Africa. He would go on to radically alter our history. We named him Apocalipso.


Ennio Torresan

Producers: Renata Fazzio Angela Torresan

Bedtime Stories_Screengrab-3.png


Drama / USA / 23 min.


A story about a young woman looking after her father, a Vietnam veteran struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, in which dealing with the challenges of everyday life can require an extraordinary amount of patience, understanding, love…and grace.


Director: Nina Brissey

Producers: Robert Craighead, Nina Brissey, Kevin Frost, Geric Miller-Frost

Writers: Nina Brissey, Stephen Mazur


Cast: Robert Craighead, Nina Brissey, Katherine Kampko, Kevin Alain

Screengrab 1.jpg


Drama / USA / 4 min.

A nurse is struggling to keep her sanity while fighting alongside her patients, as she battles one of the worst pandemics the world has seen.  Making matters worse, the pandemic hit while she was working undercover to gather information exposing individual and systemic criminal behavior in senior and vulnerable adult care settings.


Director: Allan H. Johnson

Producer: Haleh Saberi

Writer: Haleh Saberi


Cast: Haleh Saberi, Bruce Purcell, Max Eric Lemberger, M.A. Doerfler, Lexxie Dallas Shelton, Elise Porttiin, JT Scott, and Dr. Andrea Jolley

Brothers Inc. pic 2.jpg


Comedy / USA /  12 min.


For 3 brothers chasing the American dream, they find the road to success is filled with obstacles.


Director. Tom Kearney

Producer. Maura Kearney

Writer. Tom Kearney


Cast: Rob Lee, Yanni Walker, Tom Kearney, David Elman,  Bob Grochau, Joel Marshall, Giuseppe Virga, Maura Kearney, Vikram Bhoyrul, Aysel Zeynalova, Michael monks, Deborah Alexander, Argent Loyde,

Image. 1.jpg


Drama / USA / 9 min.


A woman tries recreating a childhood dish for her mother who’s struggling with dementia.


Director: Derek Zen

Producer: Derek Zen

Writer: Derek Zen


Cast: Katharyn Grant, Caleb Liban, Howard Snooks, Kathy Gloisten

Roshni Bhatia - CS_Still7.jpg


Horror / USA / 4:45 min.

A “celebrity stalker” broadcasts herself on social media breaking into homes of the elite, unaware that she may have picked up her own stalker along the way.


Director: Roshni “Rush” Bhatia
Producers: Andrew Mayne, Virginia Blatter, Roshni “Rush” Bhatia
Writer: Roshni “Rush” Bhatia


Cast: Inja Zalta, Grant Morningstar

Screengrab Chatty 2_edited.jpg


Horror Thriller / USA / 10 min.


Lexi, an overworked, shy young woman, is forced to work late one evening, where she is haunted by her innermost insecurities and demonic whispers.


Director: Kit Garchow

Producers: Mac Eldridge, Kit Garchow; Co-Producer: Alchemic Images

Writer: Kit Garchow


Cast: Carlena Britch, Emilie Soghomonian, David Dimitruk, Will Dowsett

Couples Therapy.jpg


Pilot / USA / 15 min.

Natalia, a successful couples therapist, treats neurotic New York couples while her own marriage is falling apart and she can't seem to be able to follow her own advice.

Director: Randy Ramos Jr

Writer: Michaela Zannou

Producers: Rob Alicea, Randy Ramos Jr, Angela Petruzziello, Ryan Metcalf

Cast: Michaela Zannou, Ryan Metcalf, Manni L. Perez, Ashley Weismantel

Roshni Bhatia - Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 2.49.54 PM.png


A part time driver’s last ride of the night may be the last ride of his life.

Director: Roshni “Rush” Bhatia
Producers: Andrew Mayne, Virginia Blatter, Roshni “Rush” Bhatia
Writer: Roshni “Rush” Bhatia


Cast: Anastasiia Polishchuk, Marcus Eddie



Thriller / France / 30 min.


Jonas Olsen, a chess player haunted by a tragic past, is given an opportunity to participate in a mysterious game, Divertimento.


Director: Keyvan Sheikhalishahi

Producers: Keyvan Sheikhalishahi

Writer: Keyvan Sheikhalishahi


Cast: Kellan Lutz, Torrey DeVitto, Ola Rapace, Götz Otto, Christian Hillborg, Ellie Heydon, Brittany Gonzales

IMG_5238 3.jpg


Drama / USA / 9 min.

After uncovering a family secret, goody-two shoes Honor Roll student
Alex Taylor sneaks out for a night of freedom with her best friends.


Director: Lynette Aslanian
Producer: Ashley Beuhler
Writer: Lynette Aslanian


Cast: Katie Leszynski, David Robinette, India Dupre, Alexis Payne, Michelle Ferrer



Horror-​Comedy / USA / 18 min.

The world of easy-going teenager Roger Burns flips upside-down after he’s seduced into a late night swim with his girlfriend and contracts a rare, endangered parasite.


Director: Alex Wroten
Producers: Harry Victor & Lindsay Wolfe-Wroten
Writer: Alex Wroten


Cast: Walker Borba, Olivia Cordell, Sacaiah Shaw, Cheri Oteri, Camryn Manheim

Finding Keanu Screen Grab 1.png


Comedy / USA / 8 min

Two clueless best friends go on a stake-out in the desert, hoping to find their guru, Keanu Reeves.

Director: Verity Butler & Rebecca Holopter
Producers: Verity Butler & Rebecca Holopter
Writer: Verity Butler & Rebecca Holopter


Cast: Verity Butler, Rebecca Holopter, and Sharmila Ray

Fools Gold_Movie Still_01.png


Dark Comedy / USA / 5 min.


A poor prospector who stumbles upon extreme wealth, finds out quickly - grand riches may sometimes complicate things.


Director: Jim Allison

Producers: Jim Allison, John Frothingham

Writer: Jim Allison


Cast: Keith Rajala, Christian Svizzero, Raymond Pental



Comedy / USA / 4 min.


The republicans are eliminating abortion rights, but don't worry they've got a plan!


Director: Michelle Boley

Producers: Michelle Boley, Taylor Gill

Writer: Michelle Boley


Cast: Donal Thoms-Cappello, Lauran September, Rebecca Larsen, Paulette Zubata



Comedy/ USA/ 7:26


In an attempt to preserve her legacy, a cartoon classic goes head-to-head with her rebooted counterpart.


Director: Courtney LeBlanc & Saige Guevara

Producer: Paula Navarro

Writer: Courtney LeBlanc, Saige Guevara, Paula Navarro & Margaret Doebling

Art Directors: Jayme Brown & Hannah Jurgens



Comedy / USA / 18min 59 sec.

Two chingonas smoke some prodigiously powerful pot and puncture the patriarchy while mending their love lives, surviving sexist micro-aggressions from their neighbor pinche Peña while fixing their broken air mattress.

Director: Christen Celaya
Producers: Lori Celaya and Chris Nash
Writer: Christen Celaya


Cast: Christen Celaya, Maya Malan-Gonzalez, Francisco Soto, Priscilla Walker-Salazar, Hazel Lozano, Xiomara Celaya

Iara Lee - Suter-9.jpg


Documentary / South Africa / 25min.

From erosion to overgrazing to enduring poverty, the people of Lesotho—a highland country surrounded by South Africa—face a variety of difficult challenges. Yet grassroots communities in the country also exhibit tremendous resourcefulness and creativity. 

Director: Iara Lee

Gardenia Screenshot Woman MED.png


Thriller / USA / 16 min.

A lone pandemic survivor travels through the desolate streets of Los Angeles, but she must submit to a dark fate before reaching her final destination.

Director: Caleb King

Writer: Eva Swan

Producers: Caleb King, Eva Swan

Executive Producer: Darren Collinson

Associate Producers: Callum B. Johnston, Aili Rene Acone-Chavez


CAST: Eva Swan, Aidan Bristow, Kyle Shaw



Drama, Thriller / USA / 20 min.


In 1941 Holland, two Dutch sisters must deal with the turmoil of their Nazi-occupied town.


Directors: Dave Penner and Eli Chance

Producer: Viktorija Razevska

Writers: Dave Penner and Eli Chance


Cast: Heavenly Dunsheath-Reyna, Tori Griffith, Benjamin Schnau

Golem 05.jpg


Fantasy / Horror / Australia / 5 min.

Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue - unaware of the horror awaiting them.

Director: Ryan Cauchi

Producer: Ryan Cauchi

Writer: Ryan Cauchi  

Cast: Jaimie Leonarder, Matt Rudduck, Matt Clayton, Steve Maresca, Rachael Brown

屏幕快照 2021-08-16 下午5.14.28.png


Music Video / USA / 4 min


Good Vibes music video is a story about break free, run away and reborn. It is depicted in the video a lost spaceman transmits himself into a virtual game and redeems a real life by his craving of life.


Director: Xiang Cao

Producer: Xiang Cao, Dede Harlan

Writer: Dede Harlan


Cast: Dede Harlan, Andre Forrest, Da’Von Solomon, Aathira Rajeev, Amrita Chawla

FINAL!!!!-1 small.jpg


Comedy / USA / 11min.

An overlooked woman finds much needed confidence when she experiences the horror of an additional growth on her face.

Director: Andrea Rosen

Producers: Ted Marsden, Andrea Rosen

Writer: Andrea Rosen

Cast: Andrea Rosen, Stephen Park, Lanisa Frederick, Deborah Ishida,

Pam Murphy, John Gemberling

How to Do Shit - no title.png


Comedy / USA / 15 min


With the help of his diverse Brooklyn neighbors, a stubborn, argumentative, yet oddly woke tracksuit-wearing Italian-American, known as Guido “Gagootz” Gaguzzi, starts a
how to YouTube channel (purely for tax right-off purposes) that never actually teaches anyone how to do anything.


Director: Adriano Valentini


Producers: Adriano Valentini, Aaron Colom


Writers: Adriano Valentini, Sandro Iocolano, Adam Elliott, Alex Coccia


Cast: Sandro Iocolano, Emily Kincaid, Paul Palmeri, Sara Emami, Aaron Colom, Adam Elliott, Travina Springer, Carmine DiBenedetto, Justine Marino, Brian Moses, Fabian Jaime, Becki Dennis, Nicky Davis Miller, Giana Carli, Rell Battle, Ben Gleib



Series / USA / 22 min


The secrets of a small upstate town that revolve around an eccentric scientist (William Sadler) begin to unravel when a private eye from the city (Richard Kind) takes on a seemingly mundane job in an effort to rekindle a relationship with his ex wife (Jessica Hecht).


Cast: Richard Kind, Jessica Hecht, Tara Westwood, Robert John Burke, Chiké Okonkwo, and William Sadler .

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 4.56.03 PM.png


Comedy / USA / 8 min.
Watch as these two roommates' love (obsession) for Tom Brady & like-mindedness reveal
how two starving, not-so-starving actresses find a solution to keeping their loyalty strong.
Go Tom!
Director: Michelle Costello
Producers: Michelle Costello, Erica Souza
Writer: Michelle Costello

Cast: Michelle Costello, Erica Souza, Carl Wawrina




Drama/Dark Comedy / USA / 13 min.


A lonely YouTube influencer seeking instant fame is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but it might not be enough to satisfy his followers.


Director: Johnny Rey Diaz

Producers: Johnny Rey Diaz, Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold

Writer: Aaron Arnold


Cast: Johnny Rey Diaz, Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold

It's Okay Film Still 1 - Stephen Laferriere, Audrey Flegel .jpg


Sci-Fi, Drama / USA / 9min


In this Black Mirror-esque tale, a couple revisit key moments of their past, only for their memories to take an unexpected turn. Cam and Alex are a simple couple living an un-extraordinary life. When strange things start happening to them, will they uncover the truth before their reality falls apart?

Directors: Justin Giddings and Ryan Patrick Welsh
Producers: Audrey Flegel, Stephen Laferriere
Writer: Audrey Flegel

Cast: Heather Ensley, Audrey Flegel, Stephen Laferriere, Rebekah Walendzak



Dark Comedy / USA / 13 Min.


Maggie welcomes four of her oldest friends back home after the unexpected death of one of their own. She convinces them to fulfill a childhood pact - destroy all evidence of their friend’s most embarrassing secrets. Their plan proves less than fool proof when long-buried resentments begin to rise, and the group realizes Maggie is dealing with more than the loss of a friend. 


Director: Nate Trinrud

Executive Producer: Desiree Staples

Created by: Nate Trinrud & Desiree Staples

Producers: Desiree Staples, Andrew Tolbert, Addison Heimann, Britta Rowings

Written by: Marie Semla


Cast: Marie Semla, Kimia Behpoornia, Lindsay Chambers, Desiree Staples, Chris Lee, Suzanne Turner

JCS ScreenGrab4.png


Comedy / USA / 8 mins.


Jeff hopefully and hopelessly pursues his crush…and has a crash.


Director: Michaela Myers

Producers: Jon Ebeling, Michaela Myers

Writer: Jon Ebeling


Cast: Jon Ebeling, Kristin Leigh, Michaela Myers

Judd and Nancy screengrab2.jpg


Drama / USA / 19 min.


Nancy’s got an itinerary. It’s laminated.


Director: Lorin Davis

Producers: Julie Phillips, J. Cody Andersen

Writer: Julie Phillips


Cast: Julie Phillips, J. Cody Andersen, Andreas Orrego, Heather Yesenia, Sam Keller, Eric Davis, Steph Martinez, Carter B. Allen, Gerard Cole, Jacob Seidman, Mojan Nourbakhsh, Jodi Novick.



Drama / USA / 15 minutes


A transgender teenager battles prejudice and her own self-doubt to audition for the female lead in her high school's play.


Director: Ira Storozhenko

Producer: Katherine D. May

Writer: Wilandrea Blair


Cast: Reise Alexander, Marc Hills, Trew Mullen


Just a MW - Spooning.png

Drama / USA / 15 min.




Meeting secretly at a hotel once a week, a man and a woman are soon forced to make a decision that will change their lives forever.



Director:             Oscar Torre

Producers:          Oscar Torre, Chuti Tiu, Roberto Sanchez, Dylan Dixon,

                             Erika Sabel Flores

Writer:                Oscar Torre


Keeping The Chaos Together_Image 2.png

Documentary / USA / 37 min.


This film takes an intimate look into the lives of those living with mental health issues and shows that with the right resources, treatment, and coping skills, one can lead a happy and successful life.


Director: Stacey Summers

Producers: Vincent Drabik, Stacey Summers

LA 143


Comedy/ USA / 11 min 06 seconds


Izzy just got dumped, and getting dumped has a way of complicating things when you thought you had love figured out and you’re a serial monogamist. Her two roommates, Charlie an unapologetic player and Arie a wild free spirit, guide her back into the millennial LA dating scene. The three friends navigate dating actors, period sex, brunch and STDs while they try to figure out what love actually means.


Director: Sergio Monserrate

Producers: Alexzandra Gorski, Nora Foley, Olivia Bagan, Hunter Lemoine, Sergio Monserrate

Writer: Olivia Bagan


Cast: Jearnest Corchado, Alexzandra Gorski, Nora Foley, Dylan Stretchbery, Jess Sabatini


Lake Forest Road Screengrab 1.png

Horror / USA / 8 min.
On their way home from a party, four friends find trouble in the woods.
Director: Ashton Avila
Producers: Anna Viola, Rachel DiMartino, Keith Brown, Sarah
Angeloni, Luna Lejoux, Sunny Davis, Grace DeSanti
Writer: Richard Tango
Cast: Andrea Laing, JJ Hawkins, Adam Navas, Sam O. Phillips, Lionel
R. Jeffries, Maddy Young


still 2.jpg

Thriller / USA / 24 min.


Liz Marshall, an aspiring screenwriter, escapes to the laundromat

for what should be a quiet evening of writing.   As the evening sets in, she realizes that in her rush to leave the apartment, she forgot her phone. She continues to write, but is dehydrated and gets dizzy. She goes to the bathroom to get water, but passes out in the bathroom. Hours later Liz wakes up to a locked and dark laundromat. After realizing that she’s locked in with no way out she’s startled by a man named Matt who tells her he also got locked in. As they both decide to wait till morning they begin to get to know one another. As the night progresses and a dead body is found in the back room, Liz begins to realize that Matt is not who he says he is.


Director: Gary Teperman


Producers: Gary Teperman & Alice Cutler


Writers: Gary Teperman & Alice Cutler


Cast: Alice Cutler, Robert Oppel, Gary Teperman, Anthony Taylor, Alvin Ma, Kimberly Contreras, Edward Austin-Pugh


Let's grow.jpg

In the national struggle against institutionalized racism, poets Lisa Nichols, David Bianchi, and Sean Smith perform their original piece "Let's Grow" proposing a new kind of conversation in America's ongoing struggle with racial equality.



Dark Comedy / USA / 14 min.


Twin brothers embark on a journey to fill the void of their father's passing while soliciting the help of an ex-youth pastor with ulterior motives.


Director: Johnny Rey Diaz

Producers: Johnny Rey Diaz, Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold, Brian Shakti, Brynn Lucas, Shelby Lee, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Michael L. Popek

Writer: Aaron Arnold, Austin Arnold


Cast: Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold, Brian Shakti



Documentary / USA / 18 mins.

This film paints an intimate portrait of Wes Burleson, a man recently released from prison after 23 years, while he navigates his journey to freedom, rehabilitation, and redemption. In documenting his decades long struggle to not be defined by his past, we examine the conditions that allow his creativity to thrive.

Directors: Anna Maité Kaplan, Orion Huang



Animation / USA / 2 mins.

Theater director Dadiow Lin recalls one of her 5-year-old dreams.


Heather Drew in Matched(1).jpg

Thriller / USA / 3 min.


A young woman searches an unfamiliar apartment during a blackout with nothing more than a box of matches.  And she’s not alone...


Director: Zack Kron

Producers: By the Glass Pictures

Writer: Zack Kron


Cast: Heather Drew, Andrew Wong





Misfit - hang on.jpg

Animation / USA / 5 min.


A piece of a jigsaw puzzle gets separated from his group and attempts to join other puzzles to find where he fits in.


Director: Steve Segal

Producer: Steve Segal

Writer: Steve Segal

Composer: Margrit Eichler


My First Native American Boyfriend - Still 2.png

Comedy / USA / 5 min.


Johnny is Emily’s first Native American boyfriend, and now that they’ve been dating for a few months, she’s going to take this golden opportunity to apologize for every microaggression she has ever made against Native Americans.


Director: Joey Clift

Producer: Matt Mazany

Writer: Joey Clift


Cast: Benny Wayne Sully, Kylie Brakeman


IMG_1908 2.JPG

Crime/Dark Comedy/ USA/ 10 Min


Two young men play a game of chance and fate as a night of egos skyrockets into something potentially life changing.


Director: Manny Liotta

Writer: Manny Liotta


Cast: Noah Devore, Nick Gray, Manny Liotta



Thriller / México / 7:37 min.


This Angela’s story, a girl who discovers at a very early age that actions don't always have consequences. All human beings live with a good side and a bad side within themselves. But we can decide to take any direction that we want, only to conclude that still, nothing happens.


Director: Victoria Naranjos Montoya

Producers: Ricardo Herrera Montoya, Vanessa Sansores Morga

Writer: Victoria Naranjos Montoya


Cast: Dominika A. Barrón, Nahomi Ochoa Abbud, Denisse Flores, Alan Escobedo


Still Nostalgia 1.jpg

Fantasy / Portugal, Russian Federation / 5 min.


After many years away, Adele returns to her hometown and meets her childhood friend, Nina. Growing up together they shared all their most joyful, happy and crazy moments. But the meeting turns out to be just a figment of Adele's imagination as she passes by the familiar house filled with happy memories.


Director: Anastasia Raykova

Producers: David Royzengurt, Alina Nizova, Remi Tribillon

Writer: Anastasia Raykova, Angela Franklyn


Cast: Rina Grishina, Elizaveta Moryak, Alina Nizova


PEBBLES_Screengrab 2.JPG

Comedy | Family / Australia / 8 min.


With a passion for cars, the audacious young Tammy Anderson is left in the care of the "old duck" next door. With the temptation of her dad's shiny new race car in the driveway, she puts her smarts to the test.


Director: Renee Bourke

Producers: Renee Bourke and Matt Shepherd

Writer: Renee Bourke


Cast: Yasmin Polley, Stephen Mahy, Clare Sheridan



Animation, Drama  / Lebanon / 5 min.


Surrounded by her loving family on her birthday, an event occurs that shapes Mira’s life forever.


Director: Maya Zankoul, Toni Yammine

Producers: Maya Zankoul, Toni Yammine

Writer: Maya Zankoul, Toni Yammine


Cast: M Yammine, Fouad Yammine, Serena Chami


Poppy HER_Stills_04.jpg

Music Video / UK / 3min 44sec


 Somewhere in an enigmatic and dystopian future, a queen gets entertained by her very own brutal talent show.


Writer & Director: Chris Ullens

Producer: Jade Bogue

Director of Photography: Jamie Durand

Art Director: Ben Austin

Puppet maker — Adeena Grubb

Animator & Editor — Chris Ullens



Comedy / USA / 6 min.


Two girls walk into a bar….


Director: Brittany Benjamin

Producers: Brittany Benjamin, Marisa Coughlan, Ryan Grams

Writer: Brittany Benjamin


Cast: Marisa Coughlan, Brittany Benjamin, Sam Heyn, Noah Gillett


RSL_1.10.1 copie.jpg

Drame / France / 24 min.


Leo, a young man disturbed by the recent death of his father, decides to find the grandfather he has never met in order to tell him about his son's death.


Directors : Will Remond, Jim Remond

Producers : Guillaume Fournier, David Azoulay

Writers : Will Remond, Jim Remond


Cast : Patrick Rocca, Maël Cordier


Ride Share Still 2.jpg

Comedy / USA / 12 min.


In an effort to be more social, two friends find themselves consistently sharing rides to and from their friends' events. Along the way, their casual friendship begins to deepen into something decidedly more - complicated.


Director: Nate Hapke

Producers: Rosie Grace, Nate Hapke, Sophia Zach

Writer: Rosie Grace


Cast: Allie Leonard, Bryce Harrow, Gwen Hillier, Nate Hapke, Mackenzie Breeden, Aaron Sanders, Jack Thomas Williams


Carly Miller - ROGUE 1.png

Western / USA / 18 min.


1870s New Mexico, an African-American saloon girl plots her escape from her backwater town and devious employer.


Director: Carly Miller

Producers: Carly Miller, Amanda Chang, Sonora Rowan

Writer: Carly Miller


Cast: Oyemen Ehikhamhen, Nicholas Jarnot, Kelsey Brinkman, David Macy-Beckwith, Tanner Vidos, Steven Pappas



Drama / USA / 18 min.

Quarterback Ryan McDermott took a hard hit last season, knocking him out for the remainder of the year. As the upcoming season approaches, Ryan strives to get back in the game, but his haunting memories won’t make that easy.


Director: Ashley Rodbro

Producers: Eric William Morris, Jenny Gorelick, Heredia Vision

Writer: Eric William Morris & Ashley Rodbro


Cast: Eric William Morris, Khris Davis, Harrison Chad, Jenny Gorelick, Joe Diomede, Alex Trow



Drama / USA / 15 min.


When their love wanes after a tragedy, two heartbroken women try to piece together their relationship, highlighting the hardship and dysfunction that arises from trauma and grief.


Director: Vanessa Leigh

Producer: Chandra Bond

Writer: Vanessa Leigh


Cast: Vanessa Leigh, Hattie Smith


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 10.22.57 AM.png

Drama / USA / 12 min.

College aquaintences Kristy and Justique take justice into their own hands after friends and counselors brush aside their accusations of sexual assault.


Director: Jess Taylor

Producers: Ellie LaFrombois, Max Klaiber, Krystal Klause, Jess Taylor

Writer: Jess Taylor, Christianna Mershon


Cast: Marissa Meizz, Catarina Sousa, Ray Tezanos


Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 10.03.37 PM.png

Comedy & Drama / USA / 11 min.


To combat her growing isolation, a young woman turns to an online fandom community and writes fanfiction about the fictional characters she is fixated on.


Director: Katherine Bourne Taylor

Producers: Katherine Bourne Taylor, Jennifer Hoks

Writer: Katherine Bourne Taylor


Cast: Katherine Bourne Taylor, Cora Vander Broeke



Drama / USA / 12 min.


A restaurant dishwasher is given a last-minute chance to step up as a line cook just before a busy Saturday night dinner service.


Director: Robert Brogden

Producers: Robert Brogden, Kelley Zincone, Izrael Lopez

Writer: Robert Brogden


Cast: Daniel Ruiz, Adam S. Ford, Nicole Esteban, Matt Alvarado, Rhianna DeVries, Maru Garcia


Spell It Out in Neon Still 1_2.jpeg

Comedy, Romance / USA / 11 minutes 51 seconds


Stuck in the “friend zone” with her charming but ephemeral coworker, an aspiring young artist decides to take a leap of romantic faith at a Halloween party.


Director: Tammy Minoff

Producer: David Fickas

Writer: Samantha Lester


Cast: Samantha Lester, Daniel David Stewart, Sarah Sawyer



Coming of Age / USA / 18 min.

Overwhelmed by her lack of connection with people at an unfamiliar place, Laura, an aspiring artist,
fights a battle against herself as she tries to hold onto what truly sets her soul on fire.


Director: Talita Maia
Producers: Talita Maia, Sascha Saballet
Writer: Talita Maia


Cast: Talita Maia, Evan Williams, Alie Gonino






Horror / USA / 8 min.


On Halloween night, a couple ventures into the woods rumored to be haunted to conjure up an urban legend. But the two are about to meet a ghost from the past.


Director: Richard Louprasong

Producers: Richard Louprasong, Anthony Cousins

Writer: Richard Louprasong


Cast: Benny Barrett, Kenyai O’Neal



Drama / Crime / Thriller / USA / 16 min.


An extorted Mafia enforcer must partner with the femme fatale hired gun who murdered his wife in order to save his daughter and liberate himself from a sadistic LA crime boss.


Director: Michael Schilf

Producers: Michael Schilf, Chase Kuker, Ryan D. Wood

Writer: Michael Schilf


Cast: Jesse C. Boyd, Veronica Diaz Carranza, Vincent van Hinte, and Danny Trejo


still 7 .jpg

Comedy/Canada/6 mins

A young boy attempts to get a silver medal in the most daunting of middle school challenges, the flexed arm hang.


Director: Findlay Brown

Producer: Findlay Brown

Writers: Findlay Brown, Adriano Magnifico


Cast: Brayden Ross, Derek Kun, Keaton Fish, Jordan Kathanan, McKenna Sissons


chase shot.png

Family Adventure / Albania & USA / 9 min.


An Albanian boy accidentally releases a turkey and must get it back in time for New Year's Eve dinner. Who will prevail: boy or bird?


Director: Michael Risley

Producers: Michael Risley, Jeremy Lambert, Ben Proudfoot, Elvina Risley, Fiordi Nuraj

Writer: Michael Risley


Cast: James Gasson


Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 9.36_edited.jpg

Drama/ USA / 26 min.


A low-grade arms dealer helps a diamond thief escape two fates.


Director: David Oliden

Producers: Brad Rundblade & David Oliden

Writers: Anthony Rundblade & Brad Rundblade


Cast: James Seaman, Aroon Nayer, Brad Rundblade, Joe Sloan, Joel Hebner


The Waiting Room Still 1.jpeg

Fantasy/ USA / 7 min.


A girl uses reading to escape to a magical world - figuratively and literally - and learns a valuable lesson along the way.


Director: Ella West Jerrier

Producer: Ella West Jerrier

Writer: Ella West Jerrier


Cast: Ella West Jerrier, Grace Martin, Lauren Newsham, Sophie Proctor,

Gaviana Obaid, Erin Robinson



Drama / USA / 6 min.


On the run from a vampire hunter with a personal vendetta, immortal fugitive Kaia hides her lover from the monster she used to be.


Director: Alyssa Katalyna

Producers: Alyssa Katalyna, Andrea Suwito

Writer: Alyssa Katalyna


Cast: Hunter C. Smith, Damianis Eusebio, Horacio Abaroa


Screen grab_TCUS 1.png

Historical Drama / USA / 16 min.


An ignored narrative in U.S. history:

In 1915, Jovita Idár, a reporter, writer, and activist for women and Mexican-American civil rights, interviews a mother whose son has gone missing while at the hands of racist Rangers and vigilantes who have been targeting the Texas-Mexican community in the Lower Rio Grande Valley during a time known as “La Matanza” (The Massacre).


Director:  Iz Gutierrez

Producers:  Sarah Tither-Kaplan, Rafael Cobos Delgado, Iz Gutierrez

Writer:  Iz Gutierrez


Cast: Blanca Araceli, Carolina Vargas, Rafael Cobos Delgado



Comedy/USA/5 ½ minutes


The third date is a special one, and Daniel has high hopes. But the prospects of a romantic dinner quickly turn into a nightmare.


Director: Michael Kellman

Producer: Grant Samayoa

Writer: Michael Kellman


Cast: Michael Kellman, Adrian Eppley


Little Girl look back 9.10.20flattened in srgb for export.tif

Satire / USA / 4 min.


On a routine day, three characters head to their fates. Shots will be fired, lives will be lost. Yawn.


Director: Lisa Gold

Producers: Meghan Anne Smith, Mike Colon, Phil Fischer

Writer: Terry Rossio


Cast: Jeff DeCrosta, Tatiana Steensma, Jared Lotz


Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 11.58.01 AM.png

Sci-Fi / Drama / 33 mins

Two broken souls living in a crumbling future society struggle to move on from their scarred pasts.

Director: Dan Winters
Producers: David Rafailovich, Kathryn Winters, James Hughes


Cast: Antonio Bond, Meredith Placko, Walton Goggins


*Little Star-Still 001.png

Drama / China / 12 min.

Throughout Tommy’s life, the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” has undergone many changes that mirror his journey through the different stages of his life.

Director: Shiyue Xu

Producer: Shiyue Xu

Writer: Shiyue Xu

Cast: Jiaxi Chen, Zhilv Zhang, Wenxin Xie, Keqin Yao


STUDIO CITY00008.jpg

Comedy/USA/13 min.

When Julia finds herself in a deathly situation, she knows the only person she can turn to is her best friend, Martina. But will she help?


Director: Steve Sturla
Producer: Steve Sturla
Writer: Steve Sturla


Cast: Alina Nastase, Paula Mendez, Rezan Denizmen


Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 12.58.20 PM.png

Comedy / USA / 9 min.


A man gives his girlfriend two weeks notice before ending their relationship.


Director: Melanie Thompson

Producers: Marisa Hood, Melanie Thompson, Maggie McGovern

Writer: Marisa Hood


Cast: Mickey Schiff, Marisa Hood


Unclaimed Screen grab_2.png

Drama / USA / 26:12 min.


A crusty old black guy. A lonely young white kid. And a reluctant friendship built on cremating dead bodies that no one wants.


Director:  TW Miller

Producers:  Danielle Dunlap, TW Miller, Joshua Schilling, Laura Minard

Writer:  TW Miller


Cast:  Antoine McKay, Cole Keriazakos, Heather Chrisler, 

          Jennifer Jelsema, Kate Buddeke



Road Movie / USA / 7 min.


A troubled woman embarks on a journey to her death after a tarot-reading guru foretells her fate. But what she finds at the end of the road is not what she expected.


Director: Katie Garibaldi

Producers: Joseph Metcalfe, Kenny Hargrove, Marisa Hood

Writers: Joseph Metcalfe, Katie Garibaldi, Laura Siskoff, Marisa Hood


Cast: Laura Siskoff, Marisa Hood, Joseph Metcalfe, Dvorah Marie, Dale Chung



Drama / USA / 22 min.


A couple engages a therapist in hopes of salvaging a problematic marriage, but things take an uncertain turn as the session unravels and past secrets emerge.



Director: Richard Zelniker

Producers: Richard Zelniker, Stephen Heleker

Writer: Stephen Alkus


Cast: Michael Beach, Jamie McShane, Jeante Godlock



Drama / USA / 17min.


The heartbreaking journey of Addison following the sudden disappearance of her wife.


Director: Daria Rountree

Producers: Daria Rountree, Jordan Campbell

Writer: Jordan Campbell


Cast: Brit Landa, Taylor Carr, George Avalotus, Kire Horton



Drama /USA/17 min


When an aspiring dancer learns her grandmother get sick, she has to choose between going to care for her and the audition of a lifetime.



Director: Jon Peter Lewis

Producers: Jon Peter Lewis, Anisa Patel, Leilani Durden


Cast: Pia Hamilton, Lila J Staley, Julie Fishell, Therese Kincade


white angels of camargue.jpg

Documentary / Germany / 3 min.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Wild West you can find it in France, although it should better be called the Wild South. Cowboys, wild white horses and pink flamingos. Hard to imagine any place on earth where you'll find all of them together but the vast Camargue delta in the South of France is home to all of these colorful creatures.



Drama/USA/ 18 min.

A mysterious woman roams the urban streets as she contemplates life. 
This journey will unlock the answer to her ultimate plan.

Director: Yusuf Khan
Producers: Sarah Haruko, Yusuf Khan
Writer: Yusuf Khan

Cast: Shira Gross, Danika Fields, Joyce Larkin, B. Brian Benson, Todd Karner, Sarah Haruko


Yuanyuan Still-002.png

Drama / China / 17 min.

A young girl named Yuanyuan once lived in a happy family with loving parents. But when her mother found out that she is pregnant, her unborn brother brought upon a tense atmosphere into the family. At the same time, Yuanyuan found out about her father’s “affair” and in order to protect her home, Yuanyuan launches her “master plan.

Director:  Shiyue Xu

Producer: Shiyue Xu

Writer: Shiyue Xu

Cast: Tingxuan Jiang, Haoyang He, Yanhua Zhang, Chun Cheng, Zheyan liu