sunday, March 24TH

8:30PM - Shorts Session 10 / I, MATTER


Thriller/Action / USA / 13 mins

When a group of unwitting strangers wake up on an airplane in midair they must learn the true nature of why they were deemed enemies of the state.


Director: Royston Innes

Producers: Rico Diaz, Cori Diaz, Simon Morton, Raffael Dickreuter, Roger Viloria, Royston Innes

Writers: Simon Morton, Eric Vale, Royston Innes


Cast: Anny Rosario, Bo Gallerito, Cori Diaz, Jule Johnson, Linda Burzynski, Michael Dean Connolly, Nita Mistry, Simon Morton


Drama / USA / 9:15 min.

A privileged woman, with a perfect life from the outside looking in, shows up to her family’s house on Thanksgiving with a secret and is forced to decide which is more important... her life or the perception of those around her.

Director:  Sutton McKee

Producer: Sutton McKee, Terra Gutmann-Gonzalez, Michael Nicklin

Writer: Sutton McKee

Cast:  Hannah Barefoot, Katie Michels, James Shanklin, Pamela Heffler, Dustin Loomis, Daniel Ballard


Dark comedy / USA / 12 min.

A picture-perfect suburban neighborhood is shaken when an unlikely connection

happens between neighbors yielding surprising results.


Director: Brittany Benjamin, Ryan Grams

Producer: Ryan Grams, Jay Ness

Writer: Brittany Benjamin


Cast:  Brittany Benjamin, Dawson Ehlke, Helen Cholorec, Joe Kessler

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Docudrama / USA / 73 min

A college girl Living with HIV in LA struggles with everyday life, relationships and the possibility of death, while her health declines to AIDs.

Director: Llysa Rie iesaka, Shayne Collins

Writer: Llysa Rie iesaka, Shayne Collins

Cast: Llysa Rie iesaka, Shayne Collins, Alexis Nichols, Joey Terrill

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