TUESday, March 26TH

CineFest - A Hollywood Film Festival

Shorts 13 at Laemmle in LA

9:45PM - Shorts Session 13


Horror / USA / 8 min.

A night surveillance security guard spots a trespasser on the property; then regrets grabbing their attention once he realizes the intruder is paranormal.


Director: Kyle Wilson

Producer: William Davis

Writer: William Davis, Kyle Wilson


Cast: Darren Lee Campbell, Rick Montgomery Jr., Troy James


Sci-fi / USA / 17 min.

A paranoid loner searches the Mojave desert for proof of extraterrestrial life and ends up discovering more than he bargained for.


Director: Jose Luis Gonzalez

Producer: Rachel Ferrell

Writer: Jose Luis Gonzalez


Cast: Chris Bouffard, Joanna Sotomura, Allen C. Gardner, Miles Ferguson


Thriller / UK / 20 min

A psychopathic artist expresses herself through exotic artistic pieces, until circumstances change and she starts questioning her own reality.


Director: Martim David Gomes;

Producer: Martim David Gomes;

Writer: Martim David Gomes.


Cast: Yasmin Lily, Ramzi Dehani, Howard Morgan, Ed Francis, Swaylee Loughnane.


Black Comedy / The Netherlands / 20 min.

A retiring gun for hire gets assigned the job of guarding a young, feisty Hungarian beauty in a remote cottage somewhere in the French Ardennes. Heat, stench and boredom push their relationship to the edge until only an irrevocable deed can establish some sort of new order.

Director: Sanne Kortooms

Producers: Peter van den Dungen, Rudi Brekelmans, Sanne Kortooms

Writer: Rudi Brekelmans

DOP: Max Maloney

Editor: Daan Wijdeveld

Sounddesign & Composer: Luuk Bergervoet, Frans de Visser, Arthur Theunissen


Cast: Melody Klaver, Manou Kersting, Martin van Waardenberg, Jason de Ridder


Thriller / USA / 7mins

Hunters sneak inside our homes to steal our most private moments and

anonymously post the video for all the world to see.

Director: Andrew Patrick Torrez

Producer: Joanna Fang

Writer: Chris Lewis Carter


Cast: Caitlin Rose Williams, Ron Geren


Comedy / USA / 9 Min.

In the epic battle between Internet Trolls and Social Media Influencers one troll

takes the fight OFFLINE into his own murderous hands… where “likes”

and “followers” can’t hear you scream.

Director: Cody Theilman

Screenplay: Cody Theilman, Joey Thompson, Jesse Grant

Original Story: Cody Theilman, Richard McConnell


Cast: Joey Thompson, Jesse Grant


Thriller / USA / 23 min.

Set in Los Angeles' iconic Chinatown, an unstable man becomes dangerously obsessed with a beautiful and mysterious woman.


Director: Jeremy Johnson

Producer: Matt Fowler Jeremy Johnson

Writer: Jeremy Johnson


Cast: Matt Fowler, Madison Brown, Jeremy Johnson

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