THURSday, March 21ST

4:00PM - Shorts Session 2


Drama / USA / 16 min.

A rising MMA star hides her refugee status from her small American town, and the world.


Director: Rolla Selbak

Producer: Victor Davilla, Julie Bersani, & Rolla Selbak

Writer: Rolla Selbak


Cast: Jessica Damouni, Allison King, Victor Davilla


Animated Comedy / USA / 31 min.

A mismatched quartet of not-so-honorably discharged military veterans unleash the good, the bad and the dark side of patriotism on Hollywood.

Director: Major Jas Boothe

Producer: Jas Boothe,  TwentyFiveEight Studios, Inc.

Writer: Jas Boothe

Cast: Jas Boothe. Michael Penny, Earl Granville, Jonathan Lopez


Documentary Short / USA / 4 min.

Seeing the highs and lows of Borderline Personality Disorder— a highly stigmatized and silenced mental illness— through a deeply personal lens.


Director: Isabelle Galus

Producer: Isabelle Galus

Writer: Isabelle Galus
Cast: Isabelle Galus


Drama / USA / 19 min.

An intimate look at an actress working through her final preparation

before auditioning for a role.

Director: Nate Hapke

Producer: Sophia Zach

Writer: Nate Hapke

Cast: Niya Wright, Mackenzie Breeden, and Gwen Hillier


Documentary / USA / 16 mins

Dear Cancer, Love Stacy features Stacy Middleman, a young mother, wife and BRCA2 gene carrier, who had breast cancer at the age of thirty-five and was re-diagnosed in 2014 after being cancer-free for more than eight years. With courage and candor, Stacy documents her challenging journey by writing “letters to cancer” as she inspires others with her wisdom, wit and hope for the future.


Director:  Stacey Summers

Producer:  Stacey Summers, Vincent Drabik

Cast:  Stacy Middleman, David Middleman, Ethan Middleman, Ryan Middleman, Dr. Jenny Chang, Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, Kara DioGuardi


Comedy / Music Video / USA / 4 mins.

"I'm Over It" is a small glimpse into the world of the British Pop Singer, FeeWee Helms, which chronicles the rise to stardom of the British pop singer and her band. FeeWee Helms, presents her single off of her debut album, "STAR". From monogamy to Justin Beiber, she is over it all. Based on the comedic web series, FeeWee Helms, coming soon!


Directed by: Ruel Smith

Cinematography by: Christian Porter

Produced by:Phylicia Wissa & Bileko A. Wissa

Original Music by: Phylicia Wissa, Keenan Baker, Bileko A. Wissa, Maurice Spears


Cast: Phylicia Wissa, Bileko A. Wissa, Keenan Baker, Tony Baker, Karimah Campbell, Angela K. Thomas, Gabrielle Rhodes, Falen Hardge

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