THURSday, March 21ST

9:50PM - Shorts Session 4


Film Noir, Drama, Crime, Mystery / USA / 22 min.

In a quiet, non-populated hotel, a mysterious Asian woman is noticed by staff Louis.

As Louis starts to do his own investigation secretly, he realizes that woman could be a Hong Kong movie star who has been dead for years. When the truth is about to come out,

things start getting out of control.

Director and Writer: Zilong Wang

Producer: Demi Jie Yu, Dan Funes

Cast: Teddy Chen, Leann Lei, Mikael Mattsson, Anthony Candell, Shelly Dulman, Bobby Reed


​Drama / USA / 5 min.

A brother and sister, divided by the death of their father, reluctantly share ownership of their late father’s ashes until one decides it is time to let him go.


Director: Dustin McLean
Producer: Kayla Adams, Matthew Holcomb
Writer: Matthew Holcomb
Cast: Kayla Adams, Matthew Holcomb, Jasper Sams


Drama, Sci-Fi / USA / 10 min.

In the year 2037, a corporate assassin revisits a city lost in time and the love he left behind.


Director: Elias Plagianos

Producer: Sebastian Doggart, Elias Plagianos

Writer: Elias Plagianos


Cast: Josh Burrow, Mariela Garriga


Horror / USA / 3 min.

Casey regains consciousness to find herself trapped and alone in total darkness. Desperately searching for answers, her only hope is a mysterious voice, guiding her as the sea of blackness begins to close in.


Director: Topher Hansson

Producers: Melissa Vitello, Daniel Brea, Priscella Henriquez

Writer: Topher Hansson

Cast: Priscella Henriquez, Chris Goodwin


Dark Comedy / USA / 25 min.

An amnesic man must escape the empty prison he woke up in but a mysterious gatekeeper must do her duty and saw him to pieces... or be his best friend?


Director: Turner Munch

Producer: Mary Przybylski

Writer: Turner Munch

Cast: Carolina Montenegro, Kyle Jones


Comedy / USA / 6 mins

Four couples try to learn how to deal with the inevitable.  Each other.

Director: Wayman Boone

Producer: Jake Jacobson

Cast: Lisa Gonzalez, Jasper Pendergrass, Jr., Robert Standley, Karen Kay, Jake Jacobson, & Brian Shain


Drama/ USA/ 14:07

One of the biggest musicians of his time, Harry has hit that point in life where there is nothing left to accomplish.  Living with demons of his childhood and the loss of people so close to him has brought him to the end or not.  But an unknown guest leftover from his 'goodbye' party might help him shed some light on his dark past. But will he listen? And how does a stranger seem to know him better than he knows himself?



Director: James D.R. Hickox

Producer:  Jeff Sherid

Writer: James D.R. Hickox


Cast:  Peter Andre and Yaara Benbenishty


Comedy / USA / 13 mins

Two exuberant losers convince a broken bicycle repairman to deal

with an un-cooperative dead body.

Writer / Director: Joe Bartone

Cast: Sean O'Bryan, Steve Wilcox, Jamison Coe, Frank Eady

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