FRIday, March 22ND

5:50PM - Shorts Session 6


Mystery / USA / 23 min.

The story follows a downtrodden but determined man who seeks work as a magician's assistant and soon realizes that the world of magic reveals more surprises than he could have ever imagined.


Director: Rogelio Fojo

Producer: Miguel A. Delgadillo & Pepe Casillas

Writer:   Christopher Priest


Cast: Robert Picardo, Patrick Scott, Carisa Hendrix, Whit Haydn, Herbert Siguenza, Adam Sonnet


Animation short / USA / 3 min.

STAGE is a story about the growth of a person who is pursuing her dream. As her skill and ability increases, her desires and needs expand. She begins to recognize, perceive and introspect everything around her deeply. After lost, confusion, self-doubt, finally, she accepts how the world is and decides not to live against her truth.


Director: Ying Xu

Music: Marc Laroussini

Sound: Yuxin Boom


Horror / USA / 6 min.

The actions of a trigger-happy cop come back to bite him in the ass. A found footage POV fright flick.


Director: Erik LeDrew

Producers: Luciano Del Villar, Akiko Izumitani, Erik LeDrew

Writer: Malcolm Badewitz

Cast: Lester Purry, Robert Gardner, Trin Miller, Alec Milewski


Comedy (Dramedy) / USA / 16min.

After six years in LA, Alex abandons his pursuit of acting in lieu of a simpler life in small-town Oregon.


Director: Brett Epstein
Producer: Sherry Berg
Writer: Brett Epstein
Cast: Brett Epstein, Sherry Berg, Collin Newman


Psychological Thriller / USA / 16 min. 36 sec.

Gifted with the ability to extract and inhabit other people's memories, Greer Thompson is forced to question her own reality when she is confronted by a man that she has affected.


Director: Kellen Gibbs

Producers: Rochel Goldsmith, Arn Andersson, Walid Feghali,

Writer: Kellen Gibbs

Cast: Sarah Navratil, Richard Neil, Ernest Pipoly


Documentary/ USA/ 15:06 min

Rupinder Kaur, an internationally recognized wrestler, finds a balance between raising her daughter and pursing her wrestling career. After sending her daughter away to India so she can train, Rupinder suffers a crushing injury and loss at the Commonwealth Games. She discovers that in her life her biggest motivation to keep fighting is her daughter.


Director: Brynne Mckee, Hulukoa “Hulu” Nunokawa, Emily Tapanes, Kaustubh Singh, and Kylie Miller

Producer: Kylie Miller and Hulukoa “Hulu” Nunokawa

Cinematographer:  Emily Tapanes and  Kaustubh Singh

Cast: Rupinder Kaur, Sona Sahib, Sahib Kaur

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