SATURday, March 23RD

2:25PM - Shorts Session 8


Comedy, Drama, Short / USA / 18 min.

After the hottest girl in school agrees to hook-up with him on the condition that he can get her weed, John sets out on a quest to find it somewhere in his small town. His best friend Izzy tags along as they stumble through their options.


Director: Michael Shacket

Producer: Victor Lord

Writer: Michael Shacket


Cast: Michael Shacket, Monica Rose Betz, Emma Apgar, Fabrizio Guido, Seth Maedo, Lola Gutierrez, Adam Bussell, Emree Franklin


Dramatic Short/ USA/ 15 Min

A desperate TV starlet with a rocky career makes an attempt at getting back in the

spotlight by joining the circus, but her traditionalist trapeze partner refuses to work with an outsider and winning his approval proves even more difficult than learning

the flying trapeze 30 feet in the air.


Director: Lauren Finerman
Producers: Chris Walters, Ben Lunden, Andrew Juncker, Lauren FInerman
Writer: Lauren Finerman
Cast: Anna Maiche, Ryan Winkles


Drama / USA / 22 min

Bo, a religious and ultra-conservative teen goes on a cross-country delivery job with his estranged father. On the trip Bo struggles with his parent’s recent divorce and discovering that his father is gay.


Director: Bryan Fugal

Producers: Redge Flake, Jenn Lee Smith, Bryan Fugal, Mace Sorensen

Writer: Bryan Fugal


Cast: Jacob Buster, Jeffrey Hanson, Sarah Kent, Nicole Weeks


Comedy / USA / 15 mins

Leonardo, a New York Italian immigrant facing deportation fakes a marriage with

Hispanic single mother Nikki to get American citizenship.

Director: Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

Producers: Giorgio Arcelli Fontana, Stephen Gibler, James Ivory

Writer: Giorgio Arcelli Fontana in collaboration with James Ivory

Cast: Giorgio Arcelli Fontana, Shirley Sanchez, Lori Hammel, Emperor Kaioyus,

Michael Aurelio


Parody / USA / 8 min.

Chaos ensures when two stubborn screenwriters disagree over a minor point in their screenplay.


Director: James Mair Abroms

Producer: Mike Gretzinger, Edward R. Abroms

Writer: James Mair Abroms

Composer: Vera Marie Matthias


Cast: Even Engel, Tyler Angier, Hannah Tye, Emilie Winter, Emily Seaton


Comedy / USA / 19 min.

A young black man reunites with his grieving fiancé 12 days after the universe grants him a brand new lease on love but karma has a catch or two.


Director: John Eddins

Producer: Monica Cooper, John Eddins, Mike Robertson, Abe Thomas

Writer: John Eddins


Cast: Alex Sturman, Darryl Dunning ll, Trenyce Cobbins, Anaquad Cobe, Jensen Atwood

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