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SHORTS 12 - Sunday, October 1:       1pm

Reverie (A Dream)


Dance / USA / 7 min.


A magical glimpse of the transcendence of a dancer


Director: Peter Perenyi

Producers: Peter Perenyi, Sara Koviak, & Sean Quinn

Writers: Peter Perenyi & Sara Koviak


Cast: Sara Koviak


01 Elena Courtroom.jpg

Musical / USA / 13 min.


When Elena and Cameron are ripped apart by an act of racism, both must stand up for what they believe to keep the door of love open.


Director: Alexander Craven

Producers: Shane Collins, Jeff Pifher, Alexander Craven

Writer: Alexander Craven

Cast: Jon Robert Hall, Natalie Hanna Mendoza, Richard Rivera, Scott Kruse

The Control Room

screengrab 3_1.1.3.jpg

Sci-fi, Action / USA / 27 min.


In a secret government test facility, the innocent gesture of a timid desk worker sets off a chain of events that threatens to unravel the entire organization.


Director: Domenic Porcari

Producers: Domenic Porcari, Ethan Leisie

Writer: Domenic Porcari


Cast: Sarah Therese, Joseph Canon, Domenic Porcari

Foreign Planetary

NoHo CineFest 2023_Horizontal.jpg



stills_1.1.144 copy 2.jpg

Coming-of-Age, Drama / USA / 20 min.


Teenage sisters Eden and Lux navigate their competitive relationship over the course of a Halloween party filled with glitter, confrontation, and blackouts.


Director: Sannah Kim

Producers: Tyler Davis

Writers: Sannah Kim, Isabel Weiner


Cast: Sofia Joanna, Lara-Olivia Scott, Noah Aronstein, Mia Goodman, Kaitlyn Patterson

Harmonia Solid

Harmonia Still red flower profile.jpg

Comedy / USA / 10 min.


While cleaning house, a woman discovers an area rug that disposes of literal and figurative trash in a beautiful and magical way.


Director: Jake Hart

Producers:  Rebecca Ann Johnson, Jake Hart, Barret Bowman

Writer: Jake Hart


Cast: Rebecca Ann Johnson, Caitlin Norton


SHORTS 14 - Sunday, October 1:       1:10pm

Don't Hurt the Car


Comedy / USA / 4 min.


A woman gives explicit instructions while on a “shopping” trip.

Director:  Steve Sturla
Producer: Steve Sturla
Writer: Steve Sturla

Cast: Christine Claravall, Steve Sturla

Covid Book Club

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 5.47.05 PM.png

Comedy / USA / 14.02 min.

What's a post-menopausal girl supposed to do when her famous music
producer husband publicly dumps her for a younger wanna-be punk rocker/
ska singer named Gretl Grunge? DUH! A reality show, of course! Dori Britt
wants to show the world she is FINE. But that's hard to do when she's holed
up with her live-in housekeeper during a pandemic. So she starts a book club
to show the world she's smart, social, and FUN! But things go awry when you
combine, wine, cheese, cutlery, and "Karens".


Director: Kim Furst
Producer: Julie Phillips
Writer: Julie Phillips


Cast: Julie Phillips, Julia Montgomery, Maite Garcia, Denise Ryan Sherman,
and Introducing Sierra Deanne

Sunflower Care

NoHo Screengrab 2 Diana Richardson.png

Comedy/USA/21 min.


After being dumped at an assisted living home by her conniving daughter, a cantankerous eighty-five-year-old must outwit the grim reaper who has come to claim her.


Director: Debi Yazbeck

Producer: Diana Richardson 

Writer: Della Greenawalt 


Cast: Bryna Weiss, Christina Collard, Tracey Stephens 



Animation / USA / 10 min.


A beaver recounts his experiences as an actor pursuing his dream to be in the movies.


Director: Tim Granberg

Writer: Tim Granberg

Animator: Tim Granberg


Nubbinwood: Ben Krueger

White Noise

WHITE NOISE_Screen Grab 1.png

Drama / USA / 13 min. 43 sec.

A young woman struggling with chronic pain derivative of her scoliosis,
has her life upended by her parents after several failed attempts to
seek medical treatment on her own.

Director: SanMartin Garcia
Producers: Adrienne Acevedo Lovette, Ashley Hearon-Smith
Executive Producers: Caroline Heinle, Stephen Heinle, Nancy Heinle
Writer: Caroline Heinle

Cast: Caroline Heinle, Shaun O’Hagan, Amy Janette-McDonald, Teren
Carter, Sabina Collazo, Rick Hamilton, Frank Vollero, Rica de
Ocampo, Toni Short, Jacqueline Guillen, David Rey, Adrienne
Acevedo Lovette, Ashley Hearon-Smith, Nilesh Parikh

Rock for the Unworthy

RFTU Grab2.png

Drama / USA / 9 min.


Ten year old Mackenzie, heavily influenced by her Evangelical church, desperately devotes herself to "saving" her loving father through the music of Christian rock star Andrew Waylen, but soon realizes that the world is not as black and white as she has been led to believe.


Director: Charlotte Grady

Producers: Charlotte Grady, Nate White, Evan Hoyt Wasserstrom

Writer: Charlotte Grady


Cast: Quinn Wrigley Weber, Carly Turro, J.W. Harvey, Gregory Mangieri, Jessie Reeder

Sitting the Month


Drama / USA / 18 min
A new mother struggles with the Chinese postpartum practice of "sitting the month" in the wake of her own mother's death.


Director: Felicity LuHill
Producers: Felicity LuHill, Rebecca Chu
Writer: Rebecca Chu


Cast: Jenny Soo, Cici Lau, Eric Wentz, Amy Bui, Priscilla Lu


SHORTS 13 - Sunday, October 1:         3pm

No words

NO WORDS EDIT - 031 copy.jpg

Comedy / USA / 13 min.


After roasting the attendees of his sister's funeral for their lackluster condolences, a curmudgeon struggles to workshop the perfect words of comfort for his grieving friend.


Director: Ryan Sheehy

Producers: Xavier Andrews, Simone Stadler, Ryan Sheehy, Owen Boardman, Joey Long

Writer: Owen Boardman


Cast: Joey Long, Denzel Whitaker, Liv Hewson, Nik Dodani, Caroline Bloom, Simone Stadler, Preston Mulligan


Voices still Nik.jpeg

Drama / USA / 7 min.


A telepathic intelligence operative is interrogated by her handler for connecting with the minds of unsanctioned targets.


Director: Jake Hart

Producers: Jake Hart, Ben Nichols, Carina Rosanna Tautu

Writer: Jake Hart


Cast: Shoshanna Stern, Chris Gross, Alana Goddard, Rebecca Ann Johnson

The Ghost Light


Fantasy / USA / 25 min.


After the worst audition of her life, a theatre student gets help from the ghosts that haunt her high school auditorium.


Director: Nick Burchard

Producers: Nick Burchard, Kewan J. Harrison, Edward Soto

Writer: Nick Burchard


Cast: Regina Famatigan, Ali Louis Bourzgui, Mary Anisi, Haley Karlich, Emily Dennis, & Justin Tadros

The Bridge

The_Bridge_screengrab_01 Erin O'Sullivan.jpg

Drama/ USA / 4 min.

With music from the legendary artist Lou Reed 'The Bridge' is a short film about mental and animal health inspired by a real life-saving friendship


Director: Gabriel Agustin Freire

Producers: Jen Martin, Laura Denham, Tamika Knight

Writers: Rich Levy, Bernardo Romero, Amy Fortunato, Andrea Bistany

Living with a Cereal Killer

Copy of LWCK Still-3.png

Comedy / USA / 13 min


When Beth & Ryan begin to notice a rift developing between them, they decide it's time to have a serious talk. The question is - can this couple even get through breakfast before it all falls apart?


Director: Jeremiah Lucas

Producers: Coleman Wilson, Luke Sweeney, Gabriele Fabbro

Writer: Luke Sweeney


Cast: Jordan Knapp, Luke Sweeney

Apple Blossoms


Drama / USA / 8 min.


Through a rare lullaby of the film’s same name “Apple Blossoms,” a son reconnects with his mother who is slowly forgetting him. As her memory grows quiet, the song once lost in the public domain is revived by the filmmakers, cast, and composer as it is remembered by both film's characters and in American memory.


Director: The Rodrigues Sisters

Producers: Charles Kanganis, Moana Sherrill, Emily Durkin

Writer: Tom Constantine


Cast: Ian Bossung, Christopher Callen

Fear Not

Evelyne Keomian with flags.jpg

Documentary Short/ Ivory Coast and USA / 21 min.


Evelyne Keomian was deprived of education and slipped into schools in a culture where only boys were afforded an education. Determined to break the cycle of poverty through education, she founded the Karat School Project (KSP) in the Ivory Coast to empower the next generation of leaders. After immigrating to the US, she notices families living in vehicles around Silicon Valley who face barriers she once endured. Refusing to be a bystander, Evelyne expands the KSP to educate and empower families to become financially independent. Evelyne must now prioritize addressing poverty and barriers to education in her home country and in her new community.


Directors: Annette M. King, Ivanovitch Ingabire

Producer: Annette M. King

Writers: Annette M. King, Anna Aronovic, Raquel Tuil, Rose Luczaj


Cast: Evelyne Keomian


FEATURE - Sunday, October 1:              4pm

Friends From Home- Final.png

Friends From Home

Comedy / USA / 72 min.


Friends from Home follows childhood friends Mike and Joe as they embark on a breathtaking cross country road trip. Joe is making the big move from New York to Los Angeles, while Mike finds himself adrift in their hometown. Cruising down highways, they discuss everything from why Niagara Falls isn’t that special to how important it is, or isn’t, to stick to an itinerary.


Directors: Joe Blank & Mike Koslov

Producers: Joe Blank & Mike Koslov

Writers: Joe Blank & Mike Koslov


Cast: Joe Blank, Mike Koslov, Collin Hotchkiss, Richard Blank, Pam Blank, Juliette Blank, Anjali Alwis, Will Smart


FEATURE - Sunday, October 1:              5:45pm

Two Lives - Movie Poster Brian Silverman.png

Two Lives in Pittsburgh

Drama / USA / 91 min.



Confronted by his child’s exploration of gender and his hard-living mother’s illness, a traditional, blue-collar guy stumbles between who he has always been and who his child needs him to be. An uplifting film about imperfect people doing their imperfect best in an imperfect world.


Director: Brian Silverman

Producers: Lola Noh, Tiffany Murray, Brian Silverman

Writer: Brian Silverman


Cast: Brian Silverman, Annie O'Donnell, Emma Basques, Casey Braxton, Delissa Reynolds, Mark McClain Wilson, Robert John Brewer, Sky Elobar, Trevi Williams, Christine Lin, Peter Holden


FEATURE - Sunday, October 1:              5:15pm



Comedy / USA / 91 min.


A surprise birthday party which is really a surprise engagement gets repeatedly derailed because of, not despite, the best intentions of all of the guests.


Director: Nate Hapke

Producers: Rosie Grace, Nate Hapke, Julia Armine

Writer: Rosie Grace, Nate Hapke


Cast: Melanie Thompson, Bryce Harrow, Marisa Hood, Rob Harrow, Charlie Carr, Lee Shorten, Aaron Sanders, Jamie Miller, Gwen Hillier, CB Mullen, Niya Wright, Javier Prusky, Nate Hapke, Justin Sorvillo, Jack Thomas Williams, Paulina Lule


FEATURE - Sunday, October 1:              7:15pm



Thriller / USA / 80 min

Two trauma-bonded Appalachian kids seek escape from the back country. They move to a small metropolis to drug deal, thanks to a family connect, until they can aspire to something better. When they catch the attention of the local biker gang that runs the territory, chaos ensues. Guns, drugs, violence, and a badass firecracker at the head of it: Polecat.
Looking at genuine and modern Southern characters, the complexities in Southern poverty and
post-trauma, Polecat means to inspire understanding and adrenaline through every limb and organ.

Director:  Haley Vinson


FEATURE - Sunday, October 1:               8pm


Static Codes

Sci-Fi, Drama/ USA / 88 min.


Richard's wife, Penelope was abducted by aliens ten years ago during a car accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Given up on life, he has become consumed with only one mission: Finding his wife.


Director: David M. Parks

Producers: David M. Parks, David Lewis, Jared Safier, Thomas Walton, Slava Shut

Writer: David M. Parks


Cast: Taryn Manning, Shane Woodson, Augie Duke, Mike Ferguson, Sadie Katz, Jaime Zevallos, Jiaoying Summers, Jackson Everest, James Di Giacomo, Kelsey Morgan Arnold, Johnny Hickey, Anthony Richard Pagliaro, Joe Barlam, Erik Reedy, Slava Shut

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