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NoHo CineFest 2020 Awards

Best Actor in a Short Film

David Witts (Furca) - Winner!, John Hennigan (The Speed of Time), Peter Banifaz (Content Guidelines),

Andres Michael (The Punishment), Patrick Tamisiea

Best Actress in a Short Film

Romina Kuper (Malou), Josephine Chang (Make a Wish), Dana Estevez Conde (Piel Canela),

Jenna Laurenzo (The Stars and Thunder) - Winner!, Marisa Hood (Furca) 

Best Director in a Short Film

Jack Martin (Manhunt) - Winner!, Michelle Salcedo (Piel Canela), Julia Weisberg (Mara),

William J. Stribling (The Speed of Time), Corey Mayne (Willa) 

Best Animation

Don't Croak - Winner!, Super, Master Moley by Royal Invitation, Anacronte, Afterglow 

Best Comedy Short

Furca, The Speed of Time - Winner!, #princessproblems, I Am Evelyn Rose, Do It Yourself 

Best Drama Short

The Stars and Thunder, Fish Head, Jack - Winner!, After Emma, Piel Canela (Cinammon Skin)

Best Thriller Short
Beckoned, We Die Alone, Forget Me Nots,
Manhunt - Winner!, Mark of the Banshee

Best Micro Short
ZOG: The First Feminist - Winner!, Womxn, Lumeria, Artist's Block

Best Short Documentary

What if..., Whales Without Walls - Winner!, Chasing Color: A Gen Trader's Journey, Iric

Best Feature Documentary

Iconicity, Cinematographer, Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain - Winner!

Best Pilot

Happily Ever Ally, Couple's Therapy - Winner!, After Life, Adult ADR, Daddy Issues

Best Director of a Feature

Jack Lawrence Mayer (Big House), Christie Conochalla (Forever Not Maybe) - Winner!,

Maceo Greenberg (Take Me to Tarzana), Joe Raffa (Dark Harbor), Logan Thomas (There's No Such Thing As Vampires)

Best Actor in a Feature Film

Tom Bower (Senior Love Triangle), Sterling Hurst (Dark Harbor) - Winner!, Jonathan Bennett (Take Me to Tarzana),

Evan O'Brien (Big House), Ryan Caraway (First Blush)

Best Actress in a Feature Film

Tanna Frederick (Two Ways Home), Emma Holzer (There's No Such Thing as Vampires),

Mandahla Rose (Forever Not Maybe) - Winner!, Rachel Alig (First Blush), Jessica Sipos (Dark Harbor)

Best Picture

Forever Not Maybe, Take Me to Tarzana, Dark Harbor, Big House - Winner!, Senior Love Triangle

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